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      I have been receiving feedback that my website is shutting down phones when it is viewed on mobile devices. It is being viewed in both Safari and in Chrome and when the user tries to access the site and load it, the program either shuts down or it shuts down their entire device. This does not happen universally, but I have received feedback from a large number of people who cannot access my site on their phones because of this problem.
      I am also having issues loading the Instagram plug-in. I removed it and then re-installed it and it did not work.

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      Support Expired


      Thank you for contacting. I see you bought the theme 6 months ago. If you have some troubles. Please, open the ticket to our support center:
      and send all screenshots related to your problem. We will check and assist you.

      In case your support is expired, you don’t have to buy a new license of the theme, just renew support is enough. Here’s how to do that:

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