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    • #16366

      can youmake demo same home one we omport all but no same like admin

    • #16368


      Thanks for reaching us!
      We configure for you like demo.
      Please check back!

    • #16371

      cool only one need fix
      fetured wines
      thne to many white space then see rose organic… and under this can see 4 wine
      this white space to much and between rose organic and wine image no space like demo

    • #16374

      Hi iuiuziuz,

      Please check back!
      This is good for you now.
      If something wrong, please back here with us!

    • #16375

      and menu create listing but if go there there is no shortcode in create listing page who can create lsiting why
      we use for our winbeshop with online shop

    • #16376


      And you can go to Appearance -> Menus to set up your menu.

    • #16378

      and where can translate sidebar top left dropdpwn my acount wishlist cart checkout we see all sidebar but no there

    • #16379

      we found from ftp but this is tb settings widget but better from loco if can translate

    • #16393

      we know menu no need this we aks vcreate listing who create listing we have online shop with wineshop crete listing no shortcode what do people with create listing

    • #16394

      Hi again,

      You can use the Loco Translate plugin to translate.
      And about creating a menu listing, what do you mean?
      Please note that we don’t have this function in our demo.
      So sorry we can’t assist you with this.

      Best regards,
      JWSThemes Support Team.

    • #16413

      you dont understand ontihng

    • #16414

      we say can not translate this no loco there understand

    • #16415

      we say create listing haver in menu
      what is this who can create listing why this there
      we have online shop with wine shop

    • #16420

      Hi again,

      We still don’t understanding what you want.
      Could you please let us know more detail and send us some screenshot for clear?
      Thanks for your patience!

    • #16435

      no need understand
      must read what we write

    • #16436

      can not translate loco no work thius we ask you

    • #16437

      create listing why there who can create listing
      we have online shop and wineshop
      what is this create listng if klick there go white webseite

    • #16438

      ok we seee now create listign no there after you make new demo only need translate answer this

    • #16445

      Hi again,

      We deleted it. Sorry for that!
      So, please create it once again!
      And about the Loco Translate, please make sure that you followed the document to translate.
      Some other customers can translate to their language successfully.
      If you can’t translate, you can contact to plugin’s supporter to received assistance from them.

    • #16461

      again you dont understzand sam eproblem many support have we say a suppoort say b
      ok again
      create listing what is this who can why create listing we have onlineshop and wineshop
      why this create listing if go there white webseite

    • #16462

      transalte we have many webseite no need beginner explain how tranlsate wordpress
      we say loco no can translate this
      where can translate this is there setings we can change
      we see currency and lkuanguage with this ? what is this ? we see two ? two field
      explain this and say ewhere can transalte simple questiomn
      no need 2 days for answer this

    • #16463

      ok flag we see this is woocomerce curecny swithcer
      but translate need explain where can translate this

    • #16464

      flag broken can no see int his switcher

    • #16465

      and them say need unison but we see you no install this
      we need install or no install unison

    • #16507

      Hi again,

      1. About the translate problem, if you can’t Translate, please go on this path to change the text directly.

      2. Actually, Your English is too hard to understand.
      “create listing what is this who can why create listing we have onlineshop and wineshop
      why this create listing if go there white webseite”
      So you can check error before send for us. And please attached some screenshot for more clarity.
      3. And please make sure that you put image right folder as the path.

      4. The last one, because you didn’t install the Unyson plugin.
      So, it seems to you imported the demo data incorrect way.
      This plugin is used for import and backup content.

    • #16523

      we know hwere can translate form ftp we want from loco

      create listing what is this create listing who need create listing who can creater listing why create listing

    • #16524

      an no send omage we no open image never virus problem this

    • #16527

      where cqan change settings answer man andswer no say no can read this lie
      where image borken form this 2 language see 2? this big problem

    • #16530

      man why dotn understand
      now you again make create lsititng
      but say what isw trhids who cna screate lsiting why create listing when create listing
      if cilikc there go white webseite

    • #16541

      Hi again,

      We fixed for you about the translate problem.
      You can use Loco Translate plugin now.
      And please upload image for the flag here.
      About the menu problem, please use Google Translate to can explain for us.
      You can send some screenshot and link for more clear.
      And don’t worry about the virus problem.
      Thanks for your patience!

    • #16548

      no work no this words no in woocomerce no in theem

    • #16549

      you again jno understand nothing you no answer whsat we say

      what is this create listing where create listing why create listing
      we make webseiten no need beginner explain for stupid people
      what is fucking create listing answer ztihs why there white webseite why answer one time this

    • #16550

      where seting for this flafg we uplaod no can see see only 2 ? why this 2 ? why no see flag form linl you send where can do this make change ands no broke
      you explain no work
      no need expalin no work need explain work
      we do upload fuck flag no see see 2 ?
      masn oh mann

      we say no send image never see no nee d aks again talk bla bla no worrxy we say a and we mena a no talk like woman
      womnan say a mena bv
      we say no image no need send why send image if we no see image
      this is simple
      for us you help nothink 5 dsay only bla bla bls send no work explain

    • #16551

      we update pot then work new words
      other question need answer

    • #16581

      Hi iuiuziuz,

      To upload image’s for the flag, please select like this screenshot!

      Another one, Did you create this menu, right?
      Why don’t you want to to use our demo menu?
      And how do you want to the menu?
      And could you please check syntax error before send for us?
      Otherwise, you can thanks someone who great English than you and let us know what you want.
      So, we will don’t take too much time to explain to each other.

    • #16583

      we say no send image again send image but we dotn se image talk with word no with image

      you dont understand gagain
      we say this flag dont work cna see brokemn image
      and answer other wquestion

    • #16590

      Hi iuiuziuz,

      We can see the flags are displaying now.
      And if you want to convert between languages, you have to custom that function.
      This is only the demo, and our theme hasn’t had this function.

      And please thanks to someone to help you chat with us!
      So sorry when we said that we can’t understand things that you said.
      We meet some trouble in process support you.

    • #16610

      answer question if no understand aks who is programierer from this

      what is create lsiting who can create lisitng why create lsiting we have online shop and wineshop
      we make webseiten no need stupid beginner explain how change color answer this qeustion no need make politic talk
      only answer question

    • #16611

      and who delete mega menu

    • #16638


      Please don’t ask us about create the listing in your menu! We don’t create it, and we deleted once in the past and then you were re-creating once again.
      After that, we don’t touch it anymore.
      Also, we don’t use it for the demo. So, that is beyond out of our scope.

    • #16643

      again you dont understand
      answer questrion
      whatr is create listing who can create listing why create lsiting

    • #16644

      one week no answer simpüle words
      and who delete megamenu w edont touch 7 days this only you login and delete

    • #16646

      Hi again,

      Nobody delete your menu, it is here.
      And we can see someone changed this.
      And it wasn’t us.
      We didn’t configure anything in your site.

    • #16710

      can you make thias shop menu like demo

      and answer question no send message an d no answer send message and send answer

    • #16719

      Hi again,

      We created mega menu at the Shop item for you.
      And we can’t answer your question, because we don’t understand it.
      Hope you can clear more!

    • #16783

      what is create listing weho can create listing why can create lsiitng

    • #16784

      Hi again,

      You want to know how to create a mega menu, right?

    • #16791


    • #16802

      Hi iuiuziuz,

      Please read the document to know how to create a menu!

      And you can refer this mega menu what we configured for you before that.
      If you have more question, please let us know more detail!

    • #16849

      we make webseiten no need explain for strupid beginner how create menu in wordpress or change colors
      we say this image no work in menu now you make it

    • #16871

      Hi again,

      Because you don’t know how to configure menu right way.
      So it won’t display for you.
      And we also advise you should refer menu that we configure for you.
      Have you seen it?
      You have to choose the widgets here.
      And you can change the image here.
      Oh! we don’t know you have experienced in WordPress Theme.
      Because the beginner usual ask more question something like you.
      So sorry about that!

    • #16873

      you no unsdwestand nothing
      wew say no send image talk with word you send image
      we say no sned image we no see image
      why send imafge dozn understand we no see this image ok no see image
      if want talk talk wqith word no with image
      then no understand we make webseiten no need expalan what is wordpress
      we say mega menu no see image now see oen megamenu one setting 2 megamenu 2 setting all megamenu diferent seting
      again if talk write word we no see image
      you dont undersatand question create lsitng
      demo have create listing in menu
      we say why there create lsitng who create lsitng why create lsiting
      you no naswer 7 days this smpel question adn this link have error if click create lsitin gsee white webseite no can create listing

    • #16876

      Hi again,

      If you use English properly, we won’t difficult to understand your issue.
      But, you write as though only you can understand it.
      You even didn’t checked error grammar before send for us.
      How to we can support you when we can’t understand what you say.
      And we advised you should ask for getting a help from someone with this.
      Not only you lose time, and we too.
      And we can see the image in the menu displayed for you now.
      And please send us the link that you mentioned above.
      You can attach some screenshot and the link to help us clear issue.
      Because the texts that you wrote is very hard to understand.

    • #16885

      again same problem you dotn udnerstand
      we say no send image we dont see thids ima<ge
      you again send 100 image
      we talk with word
      this is simple englisch so you can understand if want if no want then no understand
      ok ?
      no send image if want talk talk with words write here what you want
      we no send image we talk with word we say this that there
      send image no need ok?
      now problem woithj create listing
      your demo in menu have create lsiting
      100 time we say you this problem
      why have create listing who can create lsitng why create lisitng
      this is onlineshop for wine and wineshop no need create listing people
      answer thisx simple question

    • #16886

      read what you write you sen d image and say we must send image ands we 100 time say no send image and we no send image only can talk with words this simple no need englisch for underdstand need brain for understand its brain problem no language problem

    • #16887

      its all very simple
      create listing why there create lsitng who can cretae listing why peopel need create lsiting and if click create lsitng then go to white webseite
      this can understand all people in world only you no want understand

    • #16895

      Hi again,

      We so regret when saying that there are so many people don’t understand what you said.
      Maybe, you are person write it.
      So you can understand it.
      And What is the listing that you want to mention?
      Please send us some screenshots!
      It seems to you want to ask that How to create the listing?
      Who can create the listing? and Why do we create the listing?
      Please write the complete sentence!
      So we will understand what you want.


    • #16910

      anfd again again and again you no understand from brain no from language
      we no say nobody understan what we write englisch
      we say support never want understadn no people work there who is programiere there people from sri lanka call center this is problem
      again we write same
      we say demo have create listing
      we no stupid people need info how crete listing
      we say we make webseiten many webseiten make but you no answer simple question
      why there create listing who can create lsiting why create listing this is simple questoin any question have 3 words if this no understand close company
      and we say we no send image and you no need send imamge we talk with words if want say thenb write words stupid people need send image inteligent people need words

    • #16912

      Hi again,

      We are very want to understand your issue, but we can’t.
      So we want to have some screenshot from you to clearer.
      And we think this isn’t too hard for you.
      Why don’t you send them to us?
      Or you have someone help you chat with us.
      And we don’t want to take too much to chat with you but the issue still can’t resolve.

    • #16916

      again no understand nothin g
      we me i you thisa you dont understand
      we say we ask question no i ask question this is diferent
      and same question
      in menu you have create lsiting
      why there create listing who can create listing why create listing
      and if klick there go to whiter webseite
      simple question

    • #16992

      Hi again,

      We don’t know what is the listing that you mentioned.
      So we want to see some screenshot about it.
      Did you understanding I mean?

    • #16993

      your demo

    • #17009

      Hi again,

      What does this mean?
      Please let us particular. You only need send a screenshot about the listing that you want to mention.
      And please polite!
      At least we’re trying to help you.

    • #17026

      no we need help you need help you no understand your webseite
      read what we write
      demo have create lsitign
      wh can create listing why create listitn if click create listing go to white webseite
      this si nolineshop and wine shop why who when create lsiting this waht you no understand
      and we say no talk with image no need send and no need say send image

    • #17044

      Hi again,

      In our demo don’t have ‘Create Listing’ item in the menu.
      And we also don’t create it.
      We haven’t ever use it for our theme.
      So sorry we can’t resolve this for you.
      That is beyond out of our scope.
      If you have any trouble related to our theme, please back here with us!

    • #17047

      you lie you have we see and this is link go to white webseite now you delete form all demo no need lie say yes we have now no more no say no there

    • #17048

      se this lier http://www.vinaria.rs/create-listing/
      you make this this your demo we no malke whitew webseiten

    • #17169

      Hi iuiuziuz,

      We don’t lie.
      Please let us know what we deleted!
      And please check our demo.
      We don’t have ‘create listing’ page that you said.
      Please do not blame us when you are not sure.
      Only your website have it.
      Did you create it, right?

    • #17175

      we no create nothing this is your demo you dont understand your demo
      this demo you make and there was now you delete create listing in menu there is html code with link or text with link
      this reason why we ask
      what is cresate listring why create listing who can create listing
      we have webseiten for listing
      this theme no for listing
      this theme for wine shop and like we have onlineshop
      your programmierer make ther this link and go to white webseite there is nothing

    • #17222

      Hi iuiuziuz,

      This problem only happens with your site.
      If you don’t create the ‘Create Listing’ item on the menu.
      So you don’t need to use it.
      You can delete it and please don’t care about this.
      It doesn’t affect your site.

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