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      I need change the lenguage and establish range price, please help me telling me how i can do

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    • #11479

      adding another question; how i can edit the templates for the grids cars

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    • #11490

      Hi sebastianagenciapega,

      – To change the language you can use the Loco Translate plugin.
      – You can establish range price at here.
      – And if you want to edit the templates for the grids cars you have to change the code.

      • #11513

        I tried using loco translator and doesn’t work translating that part (the search widget), and i mean edit the grid template removing or adding new cars for the grid… i can’t choose what cars i want show.


    • #11514

      Really i need change the lenguage and edit the text because i don’t want show: MISSING MANUFACTURE? for example… I just said Brand Cars…

      Please help me. Thanks.

    • #11518

      Hi sebastianagenciapega,

      Please try to use String Locator plugin.
      You can find the text and change it.
      If you need more help, please back with us!

      • #11531

        Thanks ! it’s working now, but going in the same way i can’t change the words into the fields, for example: search product.

        I searched this with the string locator but i think i must change some arrays name and if i change that i think the website will not work well.

        I need know if my thoughts are right and if i can do something about this.

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    • #11536

      Hi again,

      If you can search these text. You can change all it.
      It isn’t variable. So it will not influence for your site.

      • #11538

        Thank you, another question, how i can change the option values in the fields of search bar, because i add new categories, new product, etc… and only show me the example what is Porsche.

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      • #11540

        One question more, excuse me, but it’s very important:

        how i can delete or erase this sections and left some ones ? because editing the product in the backend i can’t change the sections of the product page.

        Even the highlights, etc…

        Please help me, the last question i can resolve it but this nope, thanks.

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    • #11547


      We will do all 2 problem for you.
      But, please tell me more detail what you want to change!
      Waiting for feedback from you!


    • #11609

      Hi Hoa Ngo,

      I need quickly change the names of this sections, please… i can use the string locator but i don’t find the lines where is the labels. Please help me because i need translate this to spanish, in the same way of the search bar.

      Thank you.

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    • #11612

      This section too.

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    • #11615

      Hi sebastianagenciapega,

      Could you please give us your WordPress login detail?

      • #11623

        It’s necessary get my site online for get help ? you can’t tell me how i can change the words and options ?.

    • #11622

      Yes, but im working via localhost, im not working online yet… how we could do something about this ? please i need help really quickly.

    • #11634

      Hi sebastianagenciapega,

      Because you need delete some item.
      So, we have to remove some code line.
      This is difficulty to guide
      If you can,please build your site on the host to we can support you easily.
      Waiting for your response soon!

    • #11672

      Hi sebastianagenciapega,

      We fixed it for you.
      But it seems to your site saved cache.
      We will check it for you later.
      Thanks for your patience!

      • #11676

        Im checking and i don’t see any change, please i need help with this very quickly.
        I uploaded the website through duplicator plugin.

      • #11677

        Please, try to say me how i can fix it, i can do it, really, please only explain me.

    • #11679


      We only style the id for the tab-highlight. So if you custom add custom tab id to start-style.css file . I added you please check again

    • #11692

      1.-But where i can find that css or html ?, what it’s the name of the file ?

      2.-I’m having another trouble too… when i use the search bar and i write a keyword for example, the searching show me one car and don’t show me all cars what the keyword have, how i can change that display in the search bar?.

      Thanks for your help.

    • #11693

      1) http://prntscr.com/hpyopa

      Or you can use custom css in themeoption

      2) I fixed for you . The error comes from the sales product

    • #11708

      Im having troubles with an 500 http error in my local after change the ‘url site’ and ‘web site’. I tried fix this changing the wp_options items, etc… I think is the .htacces, You know what i can do ?.

    • #11715

      Ok, in some way i fixed this, i still having troubles with my local files but in the url online it’s working now…

      I need help, but really help, really because im working on this;

      1.- the hightlights tab or all tab of specifications of cars is not working well, i did what you told me but just work with the first item (PLEASE IM TRYING FIX THIS LIKE ONE WEEK AGO). The checkbox only works in the first and second item.

      2.- If you see the product; “Volvo V40” in the columns of info, i need align in the correctly way both columns, please tell me how i can do that or if you can do it, better. (equal it’s important for me know what you did for learn).

      3.-The forms (for example “contacto” page (in the menu)) have a social media icons, i need erase the circles what don’t have the social media icon please, tell me if i can do and if you do this, explain me how you get it please.

      4.-When i put the mouse over the image of the car (product) i can see a square showing that section of the car… I think that square works for make zoom of that part of the car, can i do that ? please tell me how i can do that if i can.

      5.-When i search with the keywords, if i write Mercedes the searcher show me one product and i want see all products with the name ‘mercedes’.

      Please guys help me, this is very important for me.

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    • #11722

      1- http://prntscr.com/hsp311
      I changed this two tab code to look like hightlight tabs. By default, these two tabs do not display checkboxes

      2- I flex for you
      I changed the css file to start-css.css for you

      3- http://prntscr.com/hspdwv
      Please leave the icon you do not want to display

      4- http://prntscr.com/hspe7f
      You can edit it here

      5- http://prntscr.com/hspifk
      There are two types of Mercedes and Mercedez you are probably confused

      • #11740

        Thanks for your help, i appreciate a lot…

        Well, im going in the right way but i have a few problems yet;

        In the columns of the product (Volvo V40) i still having the right column more down than the left column.

        In the 5 point i was saying ‘Mercedes’ like a example, but if you do the same with Land Rover i don’t find the two land rovers.

        And the last and most important, i don’t know why but my site are running very slow, it’s very hard make changes and upload things, even change the page, etc… Because it’s working too slow, please! help me how i can see where is the problem of the speed of the site.

        Really thanks !

    • #11742

      Please Loc Nguyen or another person who can help me, please try to see the problems, i can resolve it if you told me what i must do.

      If you repair the problem please let me know about that…

      Greetings and really thanks for all help guys.

    • #11743

      – I search well. Please pay attention to the name of the product for the same. Or you can give me products you can not search.

      – You have a large image that can affect the site. And you can use WP Fastest Cache – WordPress Plugins. And use a single plugin to cache


      • #11752

        Loc Nguyen, you are right, i don’t have any trouble with the searching now. Thank you and my apologizes.

        I see you resolve the problem with the buttons in the product volvo v40… But i move to the center and now i see this in another way, can you get back how you did it ?. (make me the favor again please, so sorry for this).

        Ok i will resolve the problems with images.

        For the last, i saw the car’s can have a ticket show if are new, of is out… how many sales, etc… How i can do the same ?.

        Have a good weekend and good finish of year. Happy new year and thanks for the help.

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    • #11757

      Please create a new product will display new within 5 days will lose. And create a sale product to display the sale price

      • #11786

        ¡Happy new year Loc Nguyen!, best wishes for you, thanks for all your help. Well, i understand about the products.

        I have some points to fix or learn how i can fix, i know i wrote you too much but it’s necessary for me.

        1.- How i can make a relation between the Brand and the Model, for example… When i search Porsche just show me only Porsche’s models (in the search bar), because in this moment i put every brand and show me all models.

        2.- I review the images for the velocity of the web site… And i delete all images what have more of 1mb… And the velocity still been the same, what could be now ? why the website still been slow ?

        3.- I want show the real prices of the products, not FROM PRICE… how i can invert or change this ? because the products only show me FROM PRICE… And i think i will not use that detail.

        4.-When i search cars for example mercedes i don’t want show the rating, how i can edit that page ? (search products).

        5.- If i search using the filter the search only show me one car, for example if i click mercedes benz filter (in the brand section) after the website only show me 1 car and no the two cars how if i search with the keywords.

        Please tell me how i can fix all this things… thank you for all.

    • #11795

      Somebody can answer this please !

    • #11806

      1. Soory . The default theme does not have that functionality yet
      2.I turned off unnecessary plugins and your web seems to speed faster
      3. I removed from before price
      Turn it off here
      5.Because you only demo one MERCEDES BENZ product, it only shows one product

      • #11869

        Hi, thanks for all your help, im finishing the site but im still having two troubles;

        1.- The Search filter bar only show me some brands and some models, i include a lot of brands more, you can verify with the products list.

        2.- I need show the price of my cars, how i can invert or use the actually section for price but show the price in the display of all products ?.

        Thank you for your support.

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    • #11911

      Hello ? someone can answer and fix this problem ? PLEASE, i need this now for finish the site, nobody can help me with this two points ? :S

    • #11916

      Please try to help me with that two points, another thing… I installed a woo commerce label plugin, but is not working, anyone knows why don’t works fine ? because what i know, the products works with woocommerce.

      Please, this three things are the last !

    • #11921

      Hi sebastianagenciapega,

      – The values drop down from Model and Brands field will taken here.(Products -> Edit Product)
      You need input the data for this.

      – About the price, please input price for product here.

    • #11956

      Hi sebastianagenciapega,

      1. We try to add a new product.
      And it show like this.

      2. The WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels Plugin is working properly for you now.
      If something wrong, please back with us!

    • #12007

      I don’t know if i can found and edit this code to make the change manually… But if that will be the way please tell me how i can get there for make the changes and add brands and models.


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    • #12019
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    • #12020

      Hi again,

      Please check your site!
      We can’t access it.

    • #12042


      Please guys, try again because im IN, without problems.
      Exactly the problem or bug start when i add more of 3 or 4 brand and models, the last brand’s and models start erase for show the new brands what im adding, why are happening this, i don’t know but i think if i can edit manually the code (the html code) i can add the brands.

      if you still having problems to join, try to join from another software browser, or hidden session (maybe the problem exist for the caché memory).

      Thanks for the help.

    • #12043

      Guys, last thing, i create 3 new products what only have a name and some descriptions, the name of this products is: sos, sas and ss… Well, this three products i need re direct to another pages, no to the product display. This pages are;


      please if you can make the a href going to that pages with the last favor that i asked and this im done.

      the order of this (if sos going to “financiamiento” or another one) i don’t care, really.

      i only need change the photo and text and when the user make click over this “Products” go to that’s pages, please!.

      and i don’t know why in some computers i see this fonts, what i can do about this ? (second photo)

      thank you very much.

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    • #12050

      Hi sebastianagenciapega,

      Please contact to your host and ask them about the login problem!
      When this was resolved, we will log in to your site and fix it for you.
      Hope you resolve it soon!

    • #12054

      It’s very strange because i can join in… i will call my hosting immediately. Please try to check again, i will write you in a few minutes after talk with my host.

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    • #12056

      Guys, my host prove the entry (wp-admin) without problems, proving with ip’s from North America and Europe, they said me if you can give me your IP’S for test and see the problem exactly, but my host and me don’t have troubles to join.

      I’ll be waiting for your IP.

      PS: you trying deleting your caché memory ?.

    • #12062

      Hi sebastianagenciapega,

      We come from Asia. And we don’t have static IP address.
      Do you think your host blocked some IP come from Asia.
      Hope to hearing from you soon!

      • #12077

        Guys, i have bad news but lamentably my host has all ip’s from Asia blocked for attack hackers to my server reason, we need your ip’s for unlock you, we can’t unlock all ip’s from Asia because they said it’s very dangerous for us. I need this very fast guys, or if you know another way let me know as soon as posible.

        Thank you.

      • #12088

        Hi again, please guys i need minimum your ip range for give that information to my hosting, how i can have more contact with you ? because i work this with 12 hours difference and this start be so complicated to finish.

        Well, this is the last things what i need finish:

        1.-Search Bar adding function… When i add new 3 brands and models the search bar delete the old 3 brands and models, i think is a bug, i don’t know repair that.
        2.-I create 3 products with name; SS, SOS, SAS (i will edit this names and the first image after). That three products i need re direct type a href to (don’t care the order);


        3.- Why in some computers the type font change ? for example in “financiamiento” page.
        4.- I need order the products (the cars) in alphabetical order, please this is very important for me, how i can do that ?.
        5.-This is a question; can i change the display for one product? for example; the first image could be a slider and don’t use the small photos under the principal image. Could be ? (it’s just a question).

        Thanks and i will be awake this night for stay in contact with you guys.


    • #12106

      Hi again,

      We can login to your site now.
      We will fix for you as soon as possible.
      Thanks for your patience!
      Number 5, please hire someone who can change it for you.
      This is beyond out of our scope.

      • #12107

        Ok, thank you so much… Don’t worry about point 5.
        But please, fix and make the another points… let me know when you are ready with this.
        Really thank you so much.

    • #12148

      Hi again, guys when you could be ready with the four points ?, really im scared because i need this immediately.

      Hope have some answer, stay tuned.


    • #12172

      Hi sebastianagenciapega,

      1. We’re trying to fix for you. Have some difficultly for this. Please give us sometime.
      2. Could you please let us know more detail?
      We want to know what you want exactly.
      3. Because those computers isn’t supported some font of the theme. So, They have to install font on those computer.
      4. Please edit page and change it here!


      • #12191

        1.- How many time can take resolve this ?
        2.- I need make 3 products what don’t work like a real product, it’s only for re direct (going to) to some pages of the site… for example; when a user make click on the product “SAS” (the name will be another, i will edit after) the user don’t see the product of SAS, if not what he or they go to one of that pages…

        Example again:

        SAS –> makina-autos.cl/financiamiento
        SOS –> makina-autos.cl/buscamostuauto
        SS –> makina-autos.cl/vendetuauto

        It’s not necessary be that product’s if you wan’t make new 3 products for make this i don’t have problem, but i need have the control for edit them because i need charge the principal photo and edit the title.

        3.- ¡Ok, No Problem!
        4.- ¡Ok, No Problem!

    • #12213

      Another thing guys, i don’t want use the zoom of products only in computers, and i deactivate that option and for that reason now, whatever car or product, don’t show me fine the product display, and show me an error of line code, im writing you from my house but in a few hours i will post the error what show me (in the office). Please if you can join in one product and see what is happen will be a big help for me.

    • #12218

      Hi sebastianagenciapega,

      1. We fixed it for you.
      2. That is not impossible. Because this is default of the Woocommerce plugin.
      3. You can config at here.

    • #12229

      1.- I will review, thank you so much.
      2.- it’s impossible edit the html code and change the direction of the function of “a href” to that pages ?
      3.- Are you sure ? because every time when i deactivate this, i can’t see well my product’s, throw me a bad line of code, even you can get in now on some product and you will see the error.

      thanks and regards.

      • #12234

        1.- Ok i check and no problem, really thanks, BUT the last thing guys; can i order the filter of brand, models and year ? i mean, brand and model have a Title order and year; descendent years ?. It’s very important for me, it’s more easy for the user search in that way. I was thinking if i export in csv format with that order and import again (for take the order what i want). The only problem it’s if i start upload new cars the most probably its this will not have this alphabetical and descendent year order, please try to see how the filter search have orders.

        2.- The same what i told u recently (post up).

        3.- I upload a photo for you, you can see the error… PS: i activate again the plugin to see well this (because i need get up the web site).

    • #12230

      ehere do i get bbcodes? and how?

    • #12231

      This is what i mean, now is not showing the error line code, but before said something like “correct the code in line 322 in function.php, you must have updated the plugin”, was something like that.

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    • #11939

      Im very angry with this… Did you join to see my website ? I think not… Because im done with the first point… Really how many time you take for see this problems ?, i wrote the brand and model field all time and only show me two brands and a few models. What are happening ?, even you send me a photo where i had the field complete…

      In the second point i’ll do how are u telling me…

      And really, anyone can say me WHY is NOT WORKING the woocommerce label plugin ? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… Really i need this for finish the website…

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