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      Hello, I need help.

      The product short description is not showing at all (the one that is next to the image).

      The additional information shows on both short description and additional information (tabs).

      How can I fix this bag because I import my products via xml and I cant manually copy and paste on all products, because there are more than 400 products, and I don’t want to have to do this each time?

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      Hi dresssingbox,

      To display the short description and the additional information, please go to edit the product and input the content at the sectionsbelow.
      And If you want to show the tabs as additional information you have to choose the variable product value and configure for this product.

      You must have input the information at the section above by hand.


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      I know how to add additional information and short description via the admin, that is not the problem.

      What am saying is that my short description section is not showing on the product page. Only if I add additional information. And this additional information is showing on both parts (short description place and additional information) which is not correct, this is a bag on the php. Normally the short description is showing next to the image and the additional information is showing on the tab. But in this case, the short description is not showing at all.


      My products are entered automatically on the site via xml. The short description is automatically added to each product from the xml, and I don’t need additional information.

      Let me know how I can fix this from the php.
      I need a fix for this asap.


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      Hi dressingbox,

      Could you please give me your Admin + FTP login details?
      We will check and fix it for you.


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      Also on the mobile version, the menu and search bar are not clickable. Could you please also check that?

      Just to let you know, I added some php on the content-single-product in order to fix the missing short description and sku from the page.I don’t know if this is the correct way of doing in, but it solved my problem.

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        Also how can i turn off the image effect on product hover? Because I don’t have a gallery on every product and when I hover a product the image becomes white.

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      Here you are using the slider for the product. But only 1 product should have js error and affect menu on mobi.
      You can use the product grid here
      – Problem hover product seems to you have confix

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