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      Hi, see this: https://prnt.sc/fve5wk
      Is not allow me to develop a second mega menu, i already develop one in the option “Compra por fragancia”,
      2. when Im trying to change information here https://prnt.sc/fve7np is not saving the changes
      3. here https://prnt.sc/fve8wn i selected 2 columns and should appear each column next to another one not as https://prnt.sc/fve5wk.
      i need that the 2 columns appear below the menu option and not like a full width


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      Could you please give me your FTP info? Please set next reply as private reply. I’ll check and get back to you.

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      This reply has been marked as private.
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      I fixed second mega menu . please check again

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      yes, is working now, thanks, but you changed my primary color, the gold, and i can’t remember what was the color code 🙁

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      I found the code: #bca154
      But now i can’t set it in the theme again.
      Please help me.

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      Select the color code you want here.
      Then enable less then reload the page, but be sure to clear the cache of the page

      And after the color change successfully, turn off less. It will help you speed up your site

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      Thank you so much!

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      Ok 🙁
      I can’t create a third mega menu :S
      see here:
      i enter the info, and change the values indicated in the image, but when i save, nothing change.
      Changes are not being saved

      -> the front-end


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      I do not understand why your menu manager again can not save the settings when saving the new settings it’s back to the original. You please wait i check this problem

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      Hi, Did you solve the problem?

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      It seems that the menu on wordpress 4.8 has problems can not save the settings. Set to return to the original after saving. You can please use the dropdow menu temporarily. When there is a solution I will contact you

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      i’m still waiting for a solution, do you have an answer for the problem?

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      Sorry about the menu problems .
      You please use max megame plugin very well have your needs .
      This plugin is customizable and the content and other things are very good

      Please read the manual here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/megamenu/

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      Hello, I do not know what you did, but now, everything on the menu has stopped working …
      Should I install that plugin to make it look good?

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      also, you change some parts of my theme….
      Changed the header background, also the menu style, and a widgets zone.
      Please return everything as it was before, because you made me lose work time.
      I just asked to fix the menu, but not to damaged the whole theme..

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      – You can customize everything for your menu here.
      If you do not like it you can disable the plugin menu.

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      So, you damaged my design and never fixed it, I lost a lot of work I had done previously, colors, widgets, etc …

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      i fiexed for you . But I have hard reviewed your mega menu at the item below you please do not change its location.


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