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      I can not edit the theme because
      It works very slowly. I can not upload photos I can not change the photos I’m so frustrated. I called the hosting company.
      they said it was because of the site template. please help me..

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      Hi asena,

      Could you please give us FTP info?
      We will check this for you.

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      Please check again!
      We recommend that you clear the cache after the change so that you can see the change!

      Thank you for contact us!

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      hello again. i can look now to this problem but still i have a problem about picture upload. 🙁 please help me ..

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      Hi asena,

      We activated the default theme to test but this error still exist.
      Please backup your content, and then reset WordPress.
      After that, we can import once again for you.
      Looking for your response!

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      okey i took backup my content. please can u reset the my wordpress. can u again import template?? i waiting thank u..

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      With user “sevilay” we can not reset your WordPress site! Can you reset it or delete and create new(recommend). We will import demo content for you!
      Thank you for waiting us!

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      After reset, I can’t login anymore, Can you give me new login info!
      Thank you!

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      We encountered an error during the test. Can you give me your FTP account (FTP username, password,port) I will check it for you!
      Thank you for your patient!

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      user name: ro6ylazp83ds
      pass: Beauty2017**
      port: 21

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      did u do ? 🙁

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      We notice that memory_limit value is too low, Can you contact your host to increase it? Minimize require is 256M ( 512M is recommended).

      Thank you!

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      okey i did. i waiting..

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      Yeah! we waiting too!

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      did u do ? why didnt install full theme ?

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      Hi Asena!
      We can not import demo data because PHP value memory_limit is low. As I said, we are waiting for your host to increase it! After that we can import for you!

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      can you check again..

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      Hi Asena!
      I have import demo data for you!

      I’m sorry to say that the host you are using is overloaded, no matter what template you use. I tried to activate the default theme of WordPress and open the media page but your host does not seem to be able to work. You can see a screenshot:

      Although some similar hosts give a much better result with the Aqua theme: http://prntscr.com/j2t6yj

      You can contact the hosting provider for help, maybe you need to upgrade your service pack!
      Thank you for waiting us!

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      The problem’s been solved. Could you try again

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      How did you upload the theme? Why can not I load it from your files normally? Why are not “just for wp” files downloaded from the site source complete?

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      Hi Asena!
      I don’t understand! Can you give me more details!
      You can change text “just another WP site” here: http://prntscr.com/j3laxa
      Now you can select a page as your homepage and start edit it: http://prntscr.com/j3lbe4
      Thank you!

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