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      Hi guys,

      Recently purchased Miracle theme and so far, I am enjoying the experience of re-designing the site to utilize the themes power. I have a problem which I think is a major deterrent for my customers and I am hoping that you have a solution.

      On the website main menu, there are a series of headers, each with several drop down options for the customers to click. The problem is that when they point at the header, the drop down options appear, but by the time you move your mouse to the new drop down menu, the dog-gone thing disappears! It is incredibly frustrating and I don’t blame anyone for leaving the site due to not being able to click the menu option.

      I don’t know if there is a setting to increase the delay before the menu disappears or something like that, but I don’t have the skills to fix this. Can I get some assistance?

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      Hi there,

      Sorry for not replying you earlier. Please accept my apology!

      Could you please give us your FTP info?

      Kind Regards,

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      Hi tynion!
      I can’t login FTP you send for me, you do guide bellow.
      if you don’t, please send FTP(password, hostname, username) exactly for me!

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