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    We would like to use the left side menu for our website.

    We are having difficulty seeing the logo on our homepage. The rev slider is also full width, we would like it to show like you have in the demo.
    Image attached.

    In our shop section, we can see the logo but the logo is too much to the left, we would like it to be center of the side navigation bar.

    We would also like the menu items not to overlap the logo, perhaps push down the menu items.

    We would also like the social media icons to show on the sidebar bottom like you have in your demo.

    We would also like to know why our top section of LOG IN OR REGISTER / MY ACCOUNT / CHECKOUT does not show. Can we make it the same way as the default?

    Image attached.

    Thank you,


    Thank you for contact us!
    1. Please create a slider width non-fullwidth size! I remember you use a fullwidth slider but you sould drag content to right!
    2, 3. Your custom logo in homepage does not exist, I removed it
    4. social media icons: Please config on Footer sidebar widget http://prntscr.com/h1944o
    5. top section still there. (I did not do any thing)
    Thank you for contact us. Please back with us if you have any problem!


    PS. I deactivated your cache plugin.
    Please re-activate it after you are done!


    Thank you Huynh once again for your magic!
    We just have one more problem when it comes to the mobile responsive preview.
    Our logo is covered with a black opacity, I was wondering how we could fix this?
    Image attached to show the problem.

    Thank you.



    I fixed it for you.
    Please check it now!
    If you have any trouble, please get back to us!



    Hello Hoa,

    Thank you for fixing the problem.

    We have a couple more questions:
    1. Some of the images on the home page are squished. *attached in the photo.
    How do we fix this?

    2. Is it possible to move the menu icon on mobile to the center?
    (photo attached)

    3. On the mobile view, the category boxes, some have spaces, and some do not. Can we have a small white space to separate them? (photo attached)

    Thank you,


    Hi, Packing man!
    I checked your site.
    1. Your images are not squished, that is origin your image. If you want to show an another image full size, you can change another layout.
    3. You can add more “empty space” for them. I did.
    2. It is as you like.
    Thank you for waiting!



    Problem 1:
    I am writing to you because we have still not solved the issue regarding stretched photos using the info box content on our home page and Discover page. If you check the issue using iphone, and small laptops we have disproportionate resizing.
    We would like to respect ration aspect, and have no stretching.

    What is your suggested size we use for 1:1 ratio images?

    Problem 2:
    We still can not figure out how to edit the social media icons on the navigation bar. Could you please let us know how to do this? We checked in the widget’s area and can not find this. We would like to link our facebook, instagram and youtube pages.

    Problem 3:
    We would like our localmotif (blog) section to display only the photos and titles, and not the text and lines underneath. Could you please let us know how to do this. We went into theme options, post section, and closed the text preview but it does not seem to communicate. Attached is a photo of what we would like to remove.

    Thank you,

    Our best,


    Hi again,

    Problem 3.
    Please go to edit blog page and configure it here.


    1. It is ok for you
    2. You can config it here http://prntscr.com/h8krq3

    Thank you!


    yes the responsive is fixed!

    THANK YOU for the blog! (Sorry, and thank you for showing us how to do this!

    We just updated some plugins and received this note:
    Notice: WC_Cart::get_cart_url is deprecated since version 2.5! Use wc_get_cart_url instead. in /home2/thepack6/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3831

    We checked our editor but could not find the line. Can you help us out?

    Thank you,


    Hi! It is ok now!
    Thank you for contact us!



    We have 2 issues with the website when viewing from mobile phone.

    1. The left side navigation bar, when expanded, and over “shop”, none of the menu labels shows. Is there a way in which the full label will show?
    Image attached.

    2. The video is not playing on the mobile.

    Thank you,


    1. Menu: I fixed it
    2. Video background can not play on mobile
    You can see more on Themepunch FAQ
    Thank you!

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    Hello Huynh,

    We are still having the notice error on our website.
    Photos Attached.

    We would also like to change the Estimate Shipping & Taxe to just “Estimate Shipping”

    Thank you,


    Our theme is compatible with Woocommerce 3.1.x, You are using woocomerce 3.2 so have some template is not up to day, you should next update version before update to new woocommerce version, I did it for you!
    Please ignore this, shortcode is
    included http://prntscr.com/hb260i
    Please wait new plugin version to update that: http://prntscr.com/hb27xq

    All is now ok for you
    And we want to remind you that you should renew the support time to continue receiving the assist from us. Because the support time for you is expired.

    Thank you!



    We are catching some issues with the responsive design of our theme.
    We would like to know how to fix the following issues:

    Mobile Display Problems:
    1. The logo is too big on the mobile – we would like to reduce the size.
    (As seen in the photo)

    2. Make menu icon in center.

    3. Blog photo not completely showing for all single preview of the blogs… Blog title is cut off on the second line.

    4. There is too much space between product photos and product description in the single product view. How can we reduce this?

    5. On the home page, the featured items section, is it possible to have 2 columns of smaller product photos side by side instead of big ones? (photo sample attached)

    6. Product photos of bags are cut. How can we fix this?

    7. In the menu, there are grey boxes around the drop down. This grey box is not full width and there is a white space between the menu area on the right side and the box. we would like it to be full width like the left side of the menu.

    8. How can we change the colour of the hover, example, now it is grey with black font. We would like to make it red, with white font when hovering and selected.

    Behavioural Problems with Mobile:
    1. When we add an item into cart from quickview and press add to cart, and go to the cart, the item is not there.
    2. When we want to delete something from the cart view, there is no option to delete.

    General updates:

    Can we update our wordpress? we are scared because last time we have code problems.
    Can we update our plugins and wordpress website?

    Speed and performance:
    The website on google pagespeed review is 48%, please take a look:
    How can we fix these problems?
    Example minify html, javascript and CSS.

    How can we Leverage browser caching for the following cacheable resources?

    Thank you so much,
    Sorry for the long post, but we would like to fix these problems so our ecommerce looks better.

    My best,


    I reviewed your page, Sorry for delay reply.
    All your screenshot was lost so I cant see your ideal.
    5. In mobile device, we recommend you use 1 column because there are many mobile devices of different sizes and layouts with two columns will not fit in some phones.
    6. Please config here http://prntscr.com/hg8pbc
    We recommend that you should backup all before update WP. You may lost all your setting and data
    After you finish all, I can help you increase performance.
    All another problem is ok for you
    Thank you!

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