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# Removed email verification register.
V5.2.4 - 10, Nov 2023
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# Updated plugins.
# Break responsive columns & post to show of widget.
V5.2.3 - 05, Sep 2023
# Fixed Login Form Direct.
V5.2.2 – 28, July 2023
# Fixed some bugs.
# Updated plugins. 
V5.2.1 - 23, Jun 2023
# Fixed content mini cart. 
# Fixed mising hover icon services.
V5.2.0 - 02, Jun 2023
# Updated plugins. 
# Fixed small bugs.
V5.1.9 - 15, May 2023
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# Fixed small bugs.
V5.1.8 - 10, Apr 2023
# Updated plugins. 
# Fixed responsive bugs.
V5.1.7 - 28, Mar 2023
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# Fixed small bugs.
V5.1.6 - 20, Mar 2023
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# Fixed small bugs.
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# Fixed some errors.
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# Fixed Redux errors.
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# Fixed bugs of Elementor version.
V5.0.2 - 26, May 2022
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# Fixed some bugs.
V5.0.1 - 24, Feb 2022
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# Fixed some bugs.
V5.0.0 - 20, Dec 2021
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# Added Projects pages.
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# Fixed small bugs.
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# Fixed small bugs.
# Tested up to WordPress 5.8.x
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# Tested up to WordPress 5.7.x
V1.0.1 - 11, May 2021
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# Added AI Lab child theme.
# Tested up to PHP 7.4.10.
# Tested up to WordPress 5.7.x
V1.0.0 - 10, Dec 2020
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# Fixed some bugs.
# Updated plugins.
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# Updated WooCommerce template.
# Fixed some bugs.
# Updated plugins.
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# Updated plugins.
V2.0.1 – 14, July 2022
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V2.0.0 – 05, July 2022
# Updated plugins version.
# Fixed small bugs.
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# Added Auriane Child theme.
# Updated and tested with latest of plugins version.
# Fixed some CSS.
# Fixed small bugs.
V1.0.0 – 08, June 2022
# Release.

Those looking to build a spa or beauty salon website must work with a high-quality theme with attractive design features, extensive functionality, and a whole lot of flexibility when it comes to customization.

After all, you want your website to stand out amongst even the stiffest competitors. And, you don’t want to build a run-of-the-mill website mimicking every other beauty website on the internet today.

That’s why choosing a WordPress theme such as Aqua to help build business, convert more customers, and book more appointments with your team of talented beauty specialists is crucial to your success, both online and off.

What is Aqua?

Aqua is a premium WordPress theme, suitable for anyone in the spa or beauty industry, which has recently experienced a makeover of its own. It is highly feminine and comes with a modern edge. Plus, it is built with a powerful theme options panel to boost your website and business into the next realm of success.

Take a quick glance at some of Aqua’s most standard features:

  • 100% responsive by design and completely mobile-friendly for those on the go
  • Several header and footer layouts to match your brand and personality
  • One-click sample data to get your site up and running in no time
  • Fully translatable and compatible with the WPML translation plugin
  • Guaranteed updates so your site performs at optimal speeds at all times
  • Unlimited color options for recognizable branding
  • Full blogging section complete with unlimited moveable sidebars
  • Complete social media integration for boosting likes, shares, and follows

In all, this spa and beauty theme was created on a strong foundation to help you promote your business, bring in more satisfied customers, and increase your revenue like never before.

Aqua’s Newest Looks

The Aqua WordPress theme has been under construction for some time now in order to better suit those in the spa and beauty industries. In fact, rather than have simply 6 easy to use homepage layouts, Aqua now boasts an impressive 13 homepage layouts.

Before jumping in to what’s new with Aqua, let’s review the original 6 layout options. This way those not familiar can get a quick glimpse into what Aqua had to offer before becoming bigger and better.

  • One Page. Continuous scroll action keeps the reader engaged as they view everything you have to offer.
  • Full Width. Big, bold images capture the attention of site visitors instantly.
  • Full Height. Fill your customer’s screen from top to bottom.
  • Shop Page. Share your company’s best products and services and convert site visitors into customers.
  • Basic Page. Keep things simple and minimal and show only the most important content.
  • Homepage Update #1. Customize your homepage to meet your spa and beauty needs while sharing your biggest news front and center.

Now, let’s take a look at the newest homepage layouts Aqua offers website owners and what their key features are.

Homepage Update #2

This homepage update presents site visitors with a large hero image and even allows you to embed video content directly into your website. Give people what they want by sharing a video explaining your products, introducing your team, or even sharing breaking news such as another shop opening.

Yoga Homepages #1 and #2

The first available Yoga home page gives you the opportunity to share with interested yogis what your class schedule is and get them to take action right away by clicking on the prominent call to action button.

In addition, as users scroll down they will come across your team of yoga instructors, complete with profile picture, name, and even a short description.

On the other hand, the second Yoga homepage lets site visitors dive right in and schedule an appointment thanks to the built-in schedule form. Plus, you can share an impressive header image complete with intro text to get visitors excited about taking Yoga classes at your studio.

Fitness Homepages #1 and #2

Focusing on visual appeal and navigation throughout your website, the first Fitness homepage has an exceptional section for highlighting your gym’s best moments. And, since the sticky navigation is in full force, your future gym-goers are never far from everything else you to offer throughout your site.

And to top it all off, this version homepage was so well-liked by new users that it made the ThemeForest wishlist as a top shop website option.

Get people excited right away about joining your gym by allowing them to calculate their body type using the exclusive Body Type Calculator. This way, your site visitors can see what kind of work they are going to need to put in to achieve their goals.

This, paired with a large hero image, CTA buttons for those ready to start right away, and of course a clear navigation menu, are all you need to boost gym memberships immediately using the second Fitness homepage.

Spa Homepages  #1 and #2

Highlight your spa’s most exclusive packages with the first Spa homepage. Better yet, entice those looking for a little relaxation to splurge on themselves. Include a large featured image, pricing information, and a short description of what your customers can expect from your spa and watch the reservation book fill up every day.

The second Spa homepage has a great section linking to your eCommerce shop. Highlight new products, special deals, and exclusive offers since Aqua fully supports the popular WooCommerce plugin.

Lastly, take advantage of the spa homepage portfolio feature. Highlighting some of your company’s best images, get people excited to book an appointment, join a class, or make a purchase with the masonry grid portfolio option.

Aqua’s Main Features

Now that you have a solid grasp on the type of homepages you can set up using the Aqua WordPress theme, let’s take a look at the extensive feature set this spa and beauty theme has.

Pre-Built Page Layouts

Aqua comes with a number of pre-built page templates for setting up your website in minutes:

  • 404 Error
  • About Us
  • Under Construction
  • Contact

In addition, Aqua has 2 page templates that are sure to help you build your annual revenue:

Class Page

Share every single class your studio has to offer complete with featured images, descriptions, class time, and instructor.

In addition, include a separate navigation menu so site visitors can maneuver your website and class schedule with ease.

Trainer Page

Introduce your trainers using the Trainer page.

Include a profile picture, name, and link to more extensive bio information on a separate page. For instance, include contact information, qualifications, and social media networks, as well as links to that particular trainer’s class schedule.

Reservation Management

Managing reservations is crucial for any spa, barber shop, salon, or gym. Luckily, Aqua makes management of your business’ reservations a cinch with the built-in reservation system.

Give customers the option to forgo calling your brick-and-mortar business. Instead, let them book an appointment with you online, from the convenience of their own device – desktop, tablet, or even mobile phone.

Here are just some of the things Aqua’s reservation systems lets you, and your customers do:

  • Customers fill out a simple form, complete with name, contact information, and requested appointment day and time
  • Define which days and times you will accept online reservations
  • Send out personalized, and automated, email notifications to those that book with you
  • Create a centralized booking system for use in-store for in-person or phone call appointments

WooCommerce Support

Operating an online shop is easy with Aqua thanks to its compatibility with the popular eCommerce platform WooCommerce.  In fact, each page Aqua offers website owners, regardless of the homepage layout chosen and customizations applied using the WordPress Live Theme Customizer, will work seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin.

Handle product and service descriptions, manage inventory, and collect secure payments. What’s more, the WooCommerce Currency Switcher comes pre-packaged with Aqua. This way customers can easily switch to their native currency and understand just how much a product or service is going to cost them.

In the end, Aqua is the perfect online store theme thanks to its large variety of demos that cater to different shop styles. Spas, salons, yoga studios, and even gyms can share information, get people actively involved or setting up appointments, and even sell top notch products and services.

Mega Menu

Part of Aqua’s new features comes the addition of a neatly organized, yet highly complex Mega Menu.

Navigation of your website is necessary in order to lower bounce rates, increase user engagement, and get site visitors to take action. Implement the new Mega Menu into your website so your visitors can find exactly what they are looking for.

Instagram Feed

Imagery and social media go together seamlessly. That’s why Aqua introduces the Instagram Feed feature, seen here in the footer section.

Images spark curiosity and appeal to the people’s love of all things visual. Social media helps to expose your brand across multiple platforms and helps drive more traffic to your website. When placed together, you have the perfect combination pushing your website towards success.

Pre-Packaged Premium Plugins

Aqua gives website owners a lot of bang for their buck. By offering three exceptional premium plugins with the theme purchase, the creators of Aqua are determined to give you every tool possible to create a standout and fully functioning website that will impress site visitors, convert readers, and boost sales.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is one of the best WordPress page building plugins on the market today. Giving website owners complete control over their website, and making page creation easier than ever (i.e. you don’t need to know any code), this intuitive drag & drop page builder plugin is a steal of a deal as it comes with Aqua free of charge.

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is an innovative WordPress slider plugin. With it, you can create sliders, carousels, hero scenes, or even an entire front page. Using drag & drop technology, this useful plugin helps give your website a stunning visual appeal that will capture your site visitors’ attention and encourage engagement with your content.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher

The WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin makes understanding prices in several languages super easy. Although already mentioned above, it is worth emphasizing that you can build an international brand, cater to those on vacation from other countries, and make things easier for those that speak other languages with this revolutionary plugin.

New Import 12+ Home – One Click Demo Import

Documentation and Support

Aqua comes well-documented with tons of articles to help you get started, customize your website, and even use the premium plugins that come pre-packaged with the theme. In fact, there is even a huge FAQ section answering your most common questions and concerns.

The team for Aqua offers superior support to all website owners. To start, the support team will gladly help you install any of the demo content onto your website free of charge. This will help get your site underway without a hitch.

In addition, there is an interactive support forum where you and other Aqua users can find answers to questions and even get some inspiration.

In addition, when you purchase Aqua for use on your WordPress website, you get 6 months support. Get answers to questions, help with bugs and issues, and assistance with 3rd party assets as well.

One-Click Demo Content Importer

To help you launch your website as easily as possible, Aqua makes importing the demo content very straightforward. Once you’ve installed and activated the theme, you can view the available demos from inside your WordPress dashboard.

The tool checks to ensure the recommended or required plugins are installed on your site before importing the demo content. After the importer has run, you can either check out your new site or jump straight into the theme options to start personalizing the demo content.

Final Recommendations

In the end, you can have all that Aqua has to offer for the low price of $59.

With its huge feature set, extreme ease of use, and ability to customize to fit your exact business needs, anyone with a spa or beauty related business is sure to benefit. Open a gym or barber shop, sell salon products, or even teach yoga.  Just make sure you build a complementing website to help expose your brand, boost conversions, and increase overall sales.

If you are looking to truly become successful, creating a business website is a must. With Aqua you get an all-in-one theme package, ideal for anything beauty, spa, or health related.

So, take a look at Aqua and decide for yourself whether this is the theme for you.

In all industries, customers and clients are what convey you cash, and which means just about every little thing you earn comes from the neighborhood you encompass your self with, in actual life and particularly on the Web as effectively. Fitness enterprise business is just not an exception. Whether or not you run a gymnasium, promote dietary supplements or run a weblog with private coaching ideas and strategies, constructing an internet presence is a vital key, serving to your corporation turn out to be extra well-known and constantly drive vital customers and revenues. Nevertheless, it additionally implies that it’s good to perceive the intricacies of areas like net design, web site features, website positioning and so forth so as to construct a robust and interesting health heart.

Fortuitously, the online design and net growth parts these days are just about taken care of. That’s the reply for an growing variety of out there premium templates on the theme market, but nonetheless inflicting one other huge drawback for WordPress. Not all of the premium themes can cowl the most effective options with well-researched design to be thought of as the most effective WordPress theme for health enterprise. That makes it fairly difficult so that you can select the most effective template to arrange the web site. These issues preserve urging us to create a feature-rich and intuitive template that’s specifically crafted for gyms and different health companies all through the world and might attain out to new clients, serving to individuals turn out to be more healthy and extra assured with their very own our bodies.

In the event you really feel like you’ve been swamped among many decisions, then we’re happy to introduce our most wonderful health WordPress Theme named FITNESS. This may not be the primary time you search for a gymnasium health theme, however will probably be the final time. As a result of with Fitness you’ve greater than you might ever need or want. And we didn’t create a theme that’s merely a “theme.” Slightly, we spent years within the discipline, figuring out probably the most essential features, and we made certain to incorporate them in FITNESS. So we imagine a profitable health heart web site that pulls hundreds of thousands of shoppers begins with a robust theme. That will be FITNESS.

FitnessFitness center and Yoga theme has every little thing it’s good to create a profitable gymnasium or a yoga web site. The theme incorporates a fashionable and classy design with 6 predefined color schemes which give a pleasant place to begin to your design. The theme is moderately clear which lets you convey your content material into the primary focus. That is additional helped by a surprising header picture which lets you add a textual content overlay and a name to motion button that can take individuals straight to your contact kind or your lessons and schedule. A number of homepage layouts can be found to create a novel web site and parallax results are certain to seize the eye of your guests.

Characteristic your lessons and companies proper on the homepage and embody data in your trainers or yoga lecturers to construct belief with potential members and college students. Embrace a schedule to make it simple for potential shoppers to discover a time that matches into their schedule and make the most of the Visible Composer which lets you create any sort of structure with out touching a single line of code. A fantastic contact kind is included so guests can get in contact with you to inquire a few explicit class or time and think about including a store to promote well being and health associated merchandise straight out of your web site. The theme is absolutely customizable and you’ll change something from colors to fonts, in addition to add something from buttons to accordions with shortcodes. Together with a responsive design and one-click demo import, this theme is a powerhouse.

A perfect design crafted for Fitness Center

FITNESS is an final fashionable health and train WordPress Theme specifically designed for the wants of gymnasiums, well being golf equipment, spas and health facilities, & some other well being and sport associated enterprise web site. It’s really embodies movement, spirit and energy of the game. Whether or not you run a fitness neighborhood, are a private coach, publish as an internet journal, or personal an area gymnasium, Fitness with a well-research design at all times has a bunch of highly effective and superior but intuitive options that can assist you develop your vital following.

UI/UX Optimized for Gym, Fitness Environment

By doing a deep analysis on what clients must arrange their very own on-line health web site, we’re pleased with what we obtain so as to convey out one of the vital highly effective and intuitive WordPress themes that’s completely well-suited for gymnasium, health atmosphere.

This good design was fine-tuned the smallest components to make sure a free-from-flaws template which is suited to all participating health enterprise websites; from an excellent call-to-action button to Google Maps Multi-Location, Up-to-date Social Networking, clear and informative Customized Put up Sorts for Occasion, Course, Coach data and so on.

We actually wish to create one thing that speaks to the patron in a approach that comes naturally from the layouts, the typography, the colors and every little thing.

Subsequently, FITNESS can be the message we wish to convey and dedicate to all clients.

Amazing Homepages with Various Possibilities

This health theme lets you create a placing homepage with the assistance of full screen picture slider. With numerous prospects to construct up even 100 of various wonderful headers that entice lots of potential clients, FITNESS will present you the way versatile a template can do.

Feature-rich Theme with Advanced Tools

Primarily specializing in the three most crucial customized put up varieties for FITNESS BUSINESS WEBSITES together with Occasions, Courses and Trainers/Academics, FITNESS will certainly amaze you by providing numerous detailed data and superior options which can be all effectively suited to managing all types of health and well being associated web sites. Apart from, you may completely replace blogs and information with beautiful pre-made weblog layouts; can also promote your occasions/programs/merchandise with the renown WooCommerce plugin. A lot issues to supply in simply ONE theme:

Equipped with Advanced Features and Linkable Data among Plugins

To assist web site managers cut back their guide work of placing too many data from different custom-made put up varieties, we have now been researching tirelessly so as to usher in probably the most superior back-end which routinely pull again information from plugins that you just wish to accumulate its data. Look how handy it’s! You possibly can completely set lecturers/ merchandise for every class or occasion and all the data of the trainer/product is linked.

Easily Handle Class Schedules with Calendar Page

We created our personal customized plugin for lessons/programs to assist it make simple for customers so as to add data and handle lessons simply. There are many detailed data fields so as to convey out a category/course that each single learner wish to know, equivalent to Worth, Length, Begin Date, Scheduled Time, Handle, Assigned Coach, and so on. You can even classify all of the lessons into classes and tags. What’s much more wonderful is we additionally use Class Scheduled Calendar to assist learners sustain with the teachings.

Coordinate fitness or host sport events

With Fitness, it’s also possible to host or coordinate gymnasium, health and different associated sport occasions simply. Similar to Class, every little thing you need or must create an occasion will likely be similar to a chunk of cake. The intuitive backend UI for enter of information helps keep away from coping with customized HTML and hastens growth immensely.

Informative Trainer Portfolio

With Fitness, it’s also possible to host or coordinate gymnasium, health and different associated sport occasions simply. Similar to Class, every little thing you need or must create an occasion will likely be similar to a chunk of cake. The intuitive backend UI for enter of information helps keep away from coping with customized HTML and hastens growth immensely.

Selling course with Course Post Type

Class and  Course performs an vital position and one way or the other indispensable for each fitness-related web site. Alongside the road of providing course/class customized put up sort, we additionally function the ticket promoting for single programs and lessons as effectively to convey out the most effective interplay between your web site and customers.

Create eCommerce site with WooCommerce

Fitness is built-in with the amend WooCommerce – the biggest e-Commerce platform, which means monitoring your on-line instructional store merchandise can be a attainable factor and creating an eCommerce web site would by no means be simpler.

Fast-loading Back-end Editor & Advanced Theme Options

With new revolution in upgrading our framework for the theme, Fitness purchasers will expertise a a lot quicker back-end practices. Particularly, we mark our phrases that we are attempting laborious to make the theme turn out to be an increasing number of handy to all customers. Apart from, it’s energetic and and supercharged with new superior Theme Options with numerous theme customization serving to consumer handle the entire theme with ease.

Extended Documentation & Intensive Support Service

Fear about difficulties whereas utilizing Fitness? We guarantee that there’s adequate provide of supplies and dedicated support crew to offer you the very best quality service.