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      Is there a solution to fetch woocommerce string translations into the cayto translations of wordpress. Im using the wpml plugin for the string translation but
      is it not possible to fetch these translations automaticly in different languages in the cayto theme.

      the cart overview form wordpress does only show english translations and i need them in dutch, engelish, spanish.

      Is there a way to fiks this?

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      Hi sebastiaanlima,

      Thanks for reaching us!
      Could you please send us Admin login detail?
      We will check this for you.

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      Hello Hoa Ngo,

      Can i send you the login credentials in this environement. (This forum )
      There’s a lot of censitive data in this testing environment. (personal data)

      Please respond.


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      Hi again,

      Yes, you can.
      Please don’t worrry about security problem.
      We make sure for your information.
      Please make a private for the next reply here!

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      Hi again,

      We can see the translate string now.
      And please send us some text that you wan to translate.
      We will change it for you.

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      Hi Hoa,

      Sorry i really dont want you to send you all the strings wich needs to be translated.. i allready got all the translations in it…. if i switch to another theme they are all there….

      I want this to be automated so dont have any work with it anymore….
      Do you have any solutions..


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      Hi again,

      That is related to WooCommerce plugin.
      So we can’t make it translate automatically for you.
      Hope to hearing from you!

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      Hello Hoa Ngo,

      Oke, then please translate all the core woocommerce strings wich needs to be translated in the theme… translate everyting as wich one you’ll see in th e webshop.
      Can you do that for us….. all the languages please (spanish,english,german).


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      Hi again,

      Please send us list includes the words that you can’t translate and text to replace.
      We will check and assist you do that.

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      Hi again,

      Please follow this to translate for the texts above.

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      Hello Hoa,

      I know how to translate it manually….. Do i need to do it my self
      because you asked me to send you the string translations so you guys would
      do it for me.


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      Hi sebastiaanlima,

      Yes, please do it by yourself.
      Because as you can see, it can’t translate automatically.

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      Hi Hoa,

      You asked me to send you the strings…. i did and now i have to do it myself.
      Very poor support and the theme also is poor….
      Can we get our money back?


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      Hi sebastiaanlima,

      We want you to send us the list.
      Because we can’t know the texts that you can’t translate.
      So we need it to assist you.
      We don’t have to translate all the texts for you while you also can do that.
      We’re only can assist you and guide you on how to do this.
      Because we can’t do all the requests from the clients.
      However, if you meet the bug, we willing to fix it for you.
      Thanks for your understanding!

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      The bug is that not all the woocmmerce strings are being displayed in different languages…. and in the description this plugin in compatible with woocmmerce and wpml….. but thats not true….

      Can we get our money back?

    • #17885

      Hi sebastiaanlima,

      As you can see you can translate to your language.
      So it is compatible with the WPML plugin.
      However, have some text related to some plugins, so you can’t translate automation.
      You need to translate them by use Loco Translate like we show for you before that.
      And please recheck translate process once again.
      Because some other clients can translate to their language much more you.
      Besides, we will check it once again for you.

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      Hi again,

      Please check your site!
      We can’t login to your site.

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      Hi again,

      Could you please send us Admin login detail once again?
      We can’t login to your site with the old info.

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