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      Hello there,

      Thank you for using our theme. We saw your ticket on ticksy system and will follow up there. (#1072723)

      Thank you!

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      I don’ know if you don’t read all the ticket or if it is a joke. The main problem hasn’t been solved for 4 days, and I didn’t receive any answer about the problem (not allowing edit and develop the site). The incompatibility with the Visual Composer and the JWS plugin (the main plugin of the site) don’t allow editing the pages. I asked how to change the The Stock Ticker to brazilian market and the answer was evasive, without testing and seeing what was setting up in the site. I inserted the Symbol Quote (PETR4) of the brazilian market and the result can be seen in the attached image (the site shows NA ou () ) .

      The ABOUT (Sobre) page continues without appearing the content, after editing, save and update. I restarted to do a new About page and OUR HISTORY doesn’t work as you can see at

      I try to change the footer but it doesn’t work, I can’t choose among the choices.

      The Logo and the header don’t change at the main page.

      The ploblems don’t stop appearing…

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