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      Hi there, thank you for this amazing theme.

      I have some little issue:

      1. I can’t find a way to change primary and secondary color. Styling options and single page options seems not to work.
      2. I’ve imported the demo content but the main menu was imported multiple time.
      3. I’ve read in documentation about the child theme, but I can’t find it in the downloaded zip
      4. Visual Composer works only on backend and not live front end why?

      That’s it for now, thank you!

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      Hi there,

      Thank you for using our theme.

      – To save any changes on Theme Options, please turn on Less Design first.
      On each page, you have Metabox options:, you can set Primary Color, Header Layout, Logo for each page.

      – I see your main menus is correct now: If not, please take a screenshot of the issue.

      – Sorry we haven’t released the Child Theme yet. We will announce you whenever the Child Theme releases.

      Kind Regards,

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      Sorry to hear unexpected news.

      I think I also need the login details to your FTP.

      Best Regards,

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      Sorry for late reply.

      Just update the version of Redux Framework plugin and now it runs correctly.
      Here you can see:

      Best Regards,

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      Hi Sophie, much thanks for you help.

      Now I have a new weird issue.

      Not logged in user in some page can’t some blocks and I really don’t know why?

      Take a look here:

      As you can see the block appears to be there but ivisbile.

      Could you please help?

      Thank you.

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      This is SSL problem Try switch to default theme. You can use simple SSL plugin :

    • #5305

      Mmmm no, I think this is not the problem because Really Simply SSL is already installed.

      Seems mostly the problem occurs with block with animation.

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      Hi guys, still waiting for your help 🙁

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      I found out something inspecting the code and the css.

      The class .wpb_animate_when_almost_visible has an opacity set to 0 and using custom css I set it to 1 but clearly this is simply a trick for something that doesen’t work.

      However, under it I have a similar problem that I can’t solve this way.


      Here we’ve the class .owl-carousel with a display:none rule because probably is deactivated with the animation loading. Here I can’t simply change it with a css trick because I’ll loose the carousel effect.

      I hope this can help!

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      Hi guys, I had to put my website in coming soon mode. Please use the credential above to access and inspect it.

      But remember that the issue happens only for not logged in user 😉


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      Hei there, any news?

    • #5672

      Fixed by myself, I would have liked some help 🙁

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