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      I have three little issue please fix all three! THANKS!

      On the shop page each row is different some shoe 2 products in 1 row next row has 3.


      Please take a look and log in. I would like each row to have 3 products.

      Problem two. https://5crtrailers.com/shop/2019-massimo-msa-400-m00080/

      The compare products on each page isn’t centered. Please Fix. Look at this like and and hover over compare products.

      Can you also send me a screen show on where you edit compare products??? Thanks!

      issue three.
      The main image on products doesnt open in a iframe like the gallery can you edit this so if you click on a main product image it opens like the gallery images.

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      any help??? I havent received any support on any of my issues.

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