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      Thanks for the previous fixes. I’m unable to remove the OUR PARTNERS text and Logos from the footer. Can you please guide me with it? Also in “Our Team” section we want to add 5 members but now when we add 5th member it loads below the 4. We want all 5 members to be in 1 line they can scroll like “Why Choose Us” section but we want 5 team members to be there.

      Please help me with these two.


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      Hi Axchain,


      To config Footer section, we use Visual Composer to do it. Here you go please:
      From Dashboard > Footer Template >

      – For OUR PARTNERS: http://prntscr.com/ffac8f\
      – For logo image: http://prntscr.com/ffachv

      OUR TEAM

      Once again, we use Visual Composer to create how many columns in one line.
      Based on Bootstrap, we have these options: http://prntscr.com/ffafhu
      Sorry we can’t help you custom it into 5 columns.


      We use Service boxes to create this section: http://prntscr.com/ffahu1
      4 columns with 5 items and these boxes will scroll.

      Please feel free to ask everything, axchain!

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      Actually we have 5 co founders so all of them needs to be placed in a row. If not this will be a issue. So I was thinking if we can have them all in a row with the same size but they can move like they the text moving in Why Choose us. Please help me with this last thing it’s really important.
      Looking forward to your kind help.


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      Hi Sam,

      I understand your question. Why Choose Us needs this extra class to play as Carousel: http://prntscr.com/ffytmm

      Please try with Inner Row of Service boxes.

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      I’m unable to do it at my end can you please do it at your end? If you see I tried to list them all 5 but not looking good like the way they are now. So please make them scroll one after the other.


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      I can help you but firstly, please create your teams again with 4 columns in one line (like the beginning look) and then I’ll add extra class to their row for you.

      Now I see they are in one column.

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      I don’t know how I did that can you please change it for me?? I can’t see a way to revert back the changes. Also in the footer can you put the Social Media links again?
      I accidentally removed them.


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      OK So I changed the Our Team section you don’t need to do anything there. Please just put back the social links in the footer.


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      Okay, I put social icons here for you: http://prntscr.com/ffzilp

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      I accidentally deleted the home menus can you please help me re create them? Also I have a new page I’m working on and I want to remove all the menu tabs from it. It’s Home page 3.

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      Hi Sam,

      Sorry for late reply.

      I can see you created a primary menu already – http://prntscr.com/fgs8ll
      If you would like to change the order of the menu items or add more items to it, just please select pages/ Custom link/ etc then ‘Add to Menu’ then ‘Save’ here:http://prntscr.com/fgs8p4

      Especially, if you would like to create Mega-menu with background image on Menu section, you can use Custom link with Widgets to build a beautiful Mega-menu.

      I’m not sure if you would like to hide menu items or whole the header part. You have 2 ways to do it:

      – Use CSS to hide them.
      – Create an empty menu then select it here: http://prntscr.com/fgs7gb

      Thanks Sam for waiting my response!

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      I’m trying to integrate Bitcoin API on my Home Page 3. That’s this link. https://www.axchain.info/axc/system-platform/
      I need to know if I can place this API that is a Live chart of Bitcoin Price from this Link.

      Please Help me in linking it.

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      Hi Sam,

      Sorry for not being able to help you on this. This is tutorial/ reference you can find it yourself.

      Here is how to Accept Bitcoin on Your WordPress Site:

      Thank you!

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      Hi Sophie,

      I don’t want to allow people to accept pay or sell bitcoins on my website. I just have a API from Blockchain website and I want to integrate it on my page just for people to view the chart. Other people are using it why can’t I use it?


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      Hi Sam,

      Sorry we cannot help you on this 🙁 It needs to customize hardly on code and function to make it work.

      But anyway, thank you so much for your question. We may consider this issue.

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      I need your help in giving a link to the Gray area. Right now if you see on the website just the text is clickable but we want to make the div it self clickable. So the link that is given to the text should be given to the whole area.


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      I need your help in giving a link to the Gray area. Right now if you see on the website just the text is clickable but we want to make the div it self clickable. So the link that is given to the text should be given to the whole area.


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      Hi Sam,

      You can’t make the div a link itself, however, you can hide the cursor on the div block, just on the text only.


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