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      My website is very slow, but I don’t have large pictures etc. on my site to slow it down. Is there anything you can do for me to make it faster?

      The four circles on the homepage also don’t show up in a row, but beneath each other. THey should be in one row.

      The footer should be the white one, but for some reason it is black. I have selected the white one…

      Also, the mobile version is very slow too and is also not right. Some parts of text are not withing the border. And the prices are not shown. The menu doesn’t work and the google maps isn’t showing. The prices section is not shown on the front of the site right now.

      Could you please help me with this?


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      Hi again,

      1. The speed for load page doesn’t only dependent on the theme but also is based on host or anything else, etc.
      So please try to optimize your images, turn off the plugins that you don’t use them.
      I can see it displaying on one row now.
      3. Please edit Homepage and choose the footer layout here.
      Please send us some screenshot and page’s name for more clearly!

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      Thanks for your reply.

      1: Speed: is there anything you can do for me to make the pageloading faster? Or is there anything in perticular that that I need to ask my host?

      2: Icons in one row: I don’t have the icons in one row. Only after I hover over one of the pictures, all four of them move into a row… See picture.

      3: Footer: THanks!

      4: Mobile Website: I added pictures. Also, I can’t click on the menu icon….

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      Some other pictures.

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      Hi again,

      Please turn off the Less Design, optimize your images, and turn off the plugins that you don’t use. Besides, please install the cache plugin. It makes your site load faster.
      Some small screen, you can’t display 4 item in one row. So it will display in 2 row for you.
      4. We fixed it for you.
      Please check back!

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      1: I did all you said, so I’ll see if it helps.

      2: I don’t have a small screen. Also, when I hover over one of the four pictures, they all move and line up in one row. Like they should have done right from the beginning. Could you please look in to this again?

      4: The prices are in line with the descriptions, but it’s still not looking great. Especially because the pictures make it very dark, so it’s almost not readable. How can I change this?

      5: the menu button is’nt working. I tried to see the pricing section on the demo, and funny enough the menu button isn’t working there either! This is not only on my own mobile phone, but also on other ones that I checked the website on.

      Thanks for looking in to it.

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      6: i have changed the accent colour of the website. A few weeks ago I changed it from the default green to a pink, but now I changed it back to a grey tone. However, on the homepage there are still some pink accents that should’ve be changed to grey. The four circles for example. Could you look in to this? The colour it needs to be is #363636. Thanks!

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      Hi again,

      2. Please let us know what is the resolution of the screen that you checked this?
      4. Because the images that you uploaded are dark. You can change them to brighter like our demo.
      5. We checked it, and the menu mobile works well now.
      Please double-check again!
      6. To change color the circles, please add CSS to custom CSS and then change color code.

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      1: I don’t know the exact resolution, but I have a 15,6″, full HD screen. So it’s big enough for the four circles to fit on one row. They move into one row when I hover over one of the circles. I just want them to immediately be in one row, instead of me needing to hover over them…

      4: I’ll try that then. Thanks.

      5: I’m sorry, it’s still not working. And it doesn’t work either on the demo version of the Aqua Theme.

      6: I changed the green to pink in the Theme Settings. I don’t want to now change it in the code, since I didn’t change the colours in the code in the first place. When changing the accent colours in the theme settings, it worked just fine, so it should work fine now too…

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      1: I found out what the problem was. I had all circles ‘active’. Meaning that they all displayed their text, instead of just one. When I changed that, all circles were in one row.

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      Please send all screenshot or video. We need pictures to fix in the fastest way.
      Thanks you.

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      Sorry for getting back to you after quite some time.

      I wanted to upload pictures, but the upload button is gone????

      1. The menu still isn’t working on the mobile version. I can tap the menu icon all I want, but it just doesn’t work… It doesn’t work on other phones either.

      2. I changed the green accents to pink, but now I have changed them to anthracite, and they still show up pink…

      3. Sometimes words are too close together, or don’t fit nicely inside a border.

      4. The two call to actions are not centered right.

      5. When I click on a photo in the gallery (on a mobile device), the picture is very small. I would like it to be fitted nicely into the screen.

      If you can show me how I can upload a picture in a reply, I can add them.

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      Can you please look at my last message, those problems are still there… Thanks.

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      Could someone PLEASE look at these problems. I have had them since I have bought the theme and I really want it to be working as it should be working!

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