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    Hi I have many problems with this theme (not using any other plugins besides the ones that came with the theme and fresh install using HTTPS)

    – When viewing a category the products are not aligned
    – When using pagnation the data does not load for the products and users cannot click on anything
    – Cannot turn off pagnation
    – In your example you had a heart for people to add to their favorites – that does not appear to be working
    – Loading the sample data hung – but seemed to import some data
    – When using the product display like in your demo – the product display is all messed up
    – The menus are kind of buggy when using specific headers


    Hi allostech,

    Thank you for reaching us but you shouldn’t open many tickets, this makes us difficult to follow you. We’d replied your ticket here: https://jwsthemes.ticksy.com/ticket/1161782/

    We will follow it up.


    ….it looks like you deleted that ticket.

    I tried to submit only one but your ticket system seems to be buggy. Where should I ask for support????


    Hi allostech,

    Your ticket is still alive – you can see an attachment below. If you cannot login to it again, you can leave your Admin Login details here, as a private reply, we will assist you.

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    What is the status on this? We are looking to go live soon….



    You should add background image for title page

    or add some lines css code in custom css (themeoption)




    Are you being serious?

    There are many other problems such as see attached pictures.

    Also the ability to favorite does not work.



    Could you please give me admin login and FTP account.

    I’ll check it for you


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