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      Dear Support!

      We found a lot of mistakes in the site:


      How we can set up layout like this? http://preschool.jwsuperthemes.com/blog-full-width/
      Sidebar not working

      We create new classes, but text formating not working, teachers and pictures visualization fault.: http://hoho.nxt39167.nextadmin.hu/classes/kek-csoport/

      Page builder lelements not show only the extract.:h ttp://hoho.nxt39167.nextadmin.hu/courses/how-to-create-a-website/

      Texts not show, pictures faults : http://hoho.nxt39167.nextadmin.hu/munkatarsaink/

      Gallery types not working + warning message: http://hoho.nxt39167.nextadmin.hu/galeria/

      # Anchor not working

      – Row animations not working
      – Admin preview go to 404 page
      – There is a white row in footer on mobie.
      – Sometimes loose all formating settings during move some rows in wp bakery.

      Please help us to solve these problems. Thanks

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      Dear Support!

      I did not get answers 3 days ago.
      If you cant solve these problems, or dont answer till tomorrow please refund my money because we cant work with this template with so many errors.


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      Hi Tom,

      1. The blog fullwidth is display for you now.
      2. Classes: Because the shortcode that you use need space larger.
      You can use another shortcode for this.
      Otherwise, you can use it but the slider image will be push down like this.
      3. Courses: We fixed it for you.
      4. Please make sure you checked on these checkboxes.
      We fixed footer on mobile for you.
      And the rest, we can see it works well now.
      Please check back again, and let us know if something wrong.
      And we will absent in our office tomorrow.
      So we will come back to you on the next Thursday.
      Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience!

Viewing 2 reply threads

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