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      I am trying to use custom option for left sidebar, but even after selecting the option in the sidebar it isn’t visible. Do I need to change the layout to see the left sidebar

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      Hi again,

      Please go to Post settings and choose layout for blog pages here!
      If something wrong, please back here with us!

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      I have already tried it, but ain’t get successful.
      Here’s the page link

      Attached the screenshot of post settings and the page for which the setting is done.

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      Hi again,

      Sorry for the delay!
      If you want to use the Left sidebar layout, you have to add the content to Left Sidebar Widget.

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      I want to use the different left bar on different pages. So, I am using Custom Sidebar plugin.
      Could you please tell a way to achieve this?

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      Hi again,

      We haven’t used this plugin. Please read document to know how to use it!
      If you have any trouble with our theme, please back here with us!

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      Any other plugin that you could recommend to have the functionality of different sidebars in different pages?

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      Hi again,

      Sorry. All our templates haven’t this function.
      And that is beyond out of scope. Sorry, we can’t assist you with this.

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      So there are multiple issues that I am facing with the theme.
      Be it the header, sidebar, theme styling etc. So in this case, can you revert our payment for the theme.

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      Please let us what are you facing?
      We will check and fix them for you.

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      I am facing following problems –

      • Current Issue – Left Sidebar How to have different left sidebars in different pages. As this is the need of the client and I cannot say no to it, as this is available in all other themes except yours
      • Styling Options under Theme Options aren’t working. I tried changing the primary and secondary color but it didn’t change. So I have to change it in the style.css. Suggest me the way to change it from the options without changing the style.css.
      • Header Menu Setting go through this link. CSS in the menu is not upto the mark. What is the number limitation in putting the menu items. Why I cannot open the menu in the left side, instead of right. Because setting it in right might solve my issue.

      Kindly provide the solution as soon as possible, as it’s already been more than a week I am dealing with these issues.

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      1. About the problem that the sidebar will have the different layout with each of pages is only in the theme have both Shop and Blog. However, this template only has the blog.
      Before you decide to buy our theme, you viewed the demo. You should have to see that.
      2. Please turn on the Less Design before you change anything in Theme Options. And please make sure that you cleared all cache.
      3. We will try to find out the way to resolve this for you.

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      Header issue is of major concern right now. Everything else can wait for some time.
      Make sure it doesn’t take more than 2-3 days.

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      Hi again,

      We fixed the menu issue for you.
      Please check back!
      If something wrong, please back here with us!

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