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      hello guys how are you ,
      this is my second time asking for help first of all i am having 3 main issues in the website that really need to be solved as fast as possible.
      first of all the first issue is on the mobile version the drop down icon for menu is not appearing , and users are not able to go throw the website while they visit the site.

      second issue i am having is the following , when i am trying to make featured products appear in the home page in the tap section , i go to the back end and select the following query from product carousel widget , featured products all the result i get every time is posts not found and i really dont know why this is happening

      third issue i am having is the following some prices in the website are not the same as in the back end for example:
      this product price start at 35$ not 33.33$ and if you go to the back end and see the variation of it you will see it is 35$

      please i need these fixes done as fast as possible as users are complaining a lot about them

Viewing 0 reply threads

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