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      Happy New year and my best wishes for this year !

      I try to use the Instagram JWS but it’s look not working. Can you tell me why and help me to correct it ?

      I use it on main page, just under ‘Instagram’ word.

      Ps: Another topic is still open from me about Breadcrumbs. You got screenshot already ?

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      Hi again,

      Please add Access Token and UserID your Instagram account here!

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      I provided access Token and user ID before contact you and it’s not work.

      But when I check your screenshot I understood that I must use numerical user-id and not alphanumerical . I did don’t know that 🙂

      So I provide a numerical user-id and still not work. Your credential work, so I’m sure that problem is in my side. After investigation I see that any application got authorization to my account : https://www.instagram.com/accounts/manage_access/

      I remember that when I used Pixelunion for get the Token, the authorize page was in time out. That is the issue.

      I will try again later with pixelunion for passed the authorize page.

      Thank’s for your help.

      What about my other issue : https://jwsuperthemes.com/forums/topic/change-home-name-in-breadcrumbs-and-services-name-url/

      Are undertood my issue or I need to be more explicite ?


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      Hi again

      Please check access token and UserID on your account.
      We use our account, and it works well now.

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      Hi Hoa,

      It’s work.

      Thank’s for your time and help.


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