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      At the Title shortcode config section, I miss an option to select the title class such as h1 to h6
      At the moment all titles on a page are automatic h1 titles, which is not really useful and seo friendly. For now, I have to work around this using the standard Text shortcode and put all titles in here.

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      Hi again,

      Please send us some screenshots for this!
      We will check it for you.

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        I would like to insert a testimonial slider as you can find at demo page “Homepage Update 01”

        First insert a shortcode of type “Testimonial_slider” into the page and configure as you line, but at the template card select “Template 1”.

        Hit the “Save changes” button on the lower config page. This results in a short code in classic editor like this https://prnt.sc/l5bu1l
        As you can see, the template config item is missing.

        When you preview your page now, no testimonial slider there. https://prnt.sc/l5buq4
        But, when you enter the missing template config tag tpl="tpl1" manually, it works, but only as long, as you change something in the slider configuration with visual composer.

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      Here are the snaps. I usually use several titles on a single page. One for the main title, and various other titles. Here I would like to select the css title class directly in the config section of the “Title” shortcode.

      So, if I add a title I have several options such as font size and color but no option to select the predefined css headline class (h1 to h6).

      So, when I save the titles, they all appears as h1 css titles. This is not optimal for SEO, because there should always only one title of type h1
      And on the other hand, it would easier to select the predefined head class in the config section of the title shortcode instead of always configure font size, color etc.

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      Hi again,
      We have fixed (‘shortcode’) for you. Please check again.

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      Yes, it works now as expected. Could you tell me, what files you changed and if this fix will be part of the major theme release? so I can be sure, that the fix is still there, when I update the theme.

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      Hi again,

      Edit file: aqua/framework/shortcodes/testimonial_slider/testimonial_slider.php

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