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      I’m having a hard time making all submenus accessible on mobile. I want it all displayed along with menu items so that users can view and click. Currently users have to click on menu items to make submenu items displayed. Which is quite hard cause the page of top menu keeps showing before user is able to click on submenu.
      Thanks in advance.

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      Hi felisouka,

      We’re so sorry! We can’t do this for you. Because our design so that. This is out of beyond our scope. Please hire someone do this what you meant.
      Sorry for the inconvenience!
      If you meet trouble with our theme, please get back to us!

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      I purchased your theme because it IS SUPPOSED to be MOBILE-FRIENDLY which is not the case at all. I have bought the WP Day Spa & Salon Theme last year and set it up with no problem. You may see it at esthetevero.com. All menu items and submenus display fine at once. How do you want user’s to access submenu if they can’t just make them display???
      I’ll wait for a more appropriate answer than “we are sorry” for 24h. If not, make sure I’ll RATE YOUR THEME VERY POORLY, MENTIONNING IT IS NOT MOBILE-FRIENDLY and never deal with JWSThemes again.

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      Hi felisouka,

      Sorry for your issue!
      I have a little mistake.
      We will fix it for you right now!
      Thanks for your patience!

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      Hi Felisouka,

      We need your FTP login details (Hostname + User + Password) to fix this.
      Could you please give it to me?


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      I fixed for you . Please check your site agian.
      If there is any problem please contact us. Thank

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      I have checked but the nodes are not clickable. May you adjust please.
      Thanks in advance.

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      Hi felisouka,

      I have checked it. And it works well.
      Please try to clear cache on your browser.


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      Humm. I checked on all 3 phones that I have access to:
      1- It is working on my Google Nexus (screenshot attached);
      2- Not on Samsung phone (screenshot attached);
      3- Not working on IPhone;
      I would like it to be working for all clients please.
      Thanks in advance.

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