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      How can I make my header higher, so that I can add an image to the Header top widget 1? What CSS do I have to enter to accomplish this?

      https://imgur.com/Tkjw0p9 this is what it looks like when I enter the image in the widget.

       	<li><i class="fa fa-phone"></i>011 / 25 17 57</li>
       	<li class="hidden-sm"><i class="fa fa-envelope"></i><strong>[email protected]</strong>
      </li><li><img src="https://www.hasselt.be/sites/hasselt.be/themes/hasselt_be_theme/logo.png"></li>

      I need this image https://www.hasselt.be/sites/hasselt.be/themes/hasselt_be_theme/logo.png to be at the top left side of the header and the header to be at the according height.

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      Hi MaartenV,

      Thanks for reaching us!
      Sorry! but we can’t login to your site.
      Please check the info above.
      To increase height for the header top. You can add CSS at the Custom CSS (Theme Options -> Custom CSS)

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