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      Having trouble populating all ‘day’ classes to one slide.
      Eg. Friday – One class but two sliders appear on ‘Our Schedule (homepage) and first slide is blank.
      The most classes that can populate one slide is 3 – but on JWSuperthemes Preview – up to six classes are on one slide.

      Have looked through JS in assets for Owlslider and main.js,
      I need to have this fixed. Happy to remove 2nd (and 3rd) sliders altogether if need be and populate

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      we update it for you

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      I am sorry, but the fix does not seem to have worked entirely. Yes – there are now some more items in each slide.
      I have a class from Tuesday visible in Monday classes (without Tuesday selected in TimeTable Module).
      Also, now all other days are not integrating with timetable, that is – all other days are now blank.
      Part 2 of problem – Timetable/Schedule is not displaying correctly in responsive (mobile) mode. Tabs/Css problem. Take a look at Tuesday or Wednesday from Schedule (once classes are working again) Could be a problem with z-indexing.
      thankyou for your help

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      We are sorry . we are updating the theme

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      Can you please explain further what that means. Will you be fixing my current problem ??

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      we will fix all problems for you, of course 🙂

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      we will fix all problems for you, of course 🙂

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      Can you please inform me of when this fix will be made. I really need a functioning timetable for all devices.

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      Without this fix I cannot launch site.

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      I fixed Time Table . But I eliminate Slider Carousel

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      Ok. Can almost use.

      1. Order of classes is still not displaying in order of time of day.(my original problem) Eg. Monday 9:15-10:15, 19:30-20:30, 10:30-11:30 then back to 16:30-17:30. How do I correct the order of classes with Time of day.
      2. If I wanted to remove Teacher from schedule lists – please advise how to do this. I know it relates to the custom fields but how do I set what is displayed in the ‘schedule’

      Thanks for the work today. Please help Me to finalize these last few things so I can not trouble you more.

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      JOIN NOW
      URL ENTERED IN THEME OPTIONS > POST SETTING > SINGLE CLASSES > Url of button join now for this post – “http://blahblah/shop” does not translate to SCHEDULE (timetable) Join Now on FRONT PAGE.

      Can I control the JOIN NOW URL for the link sitewide?
      Or better still, I should be able to control each to link to either:

      1. single class item
      2. single shop item

      I wont go into Styling Issues with DEFAULT SIDEBARS ON DIFFERENT TEMPLATE PAGES

      Will the NEWER AQUA FITNESS THEME PERFORM BETTER THAN THIS > ie. has the styling and integration been refined??

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      Order of classes is order of date update post .

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      Not Check remove Teacher from schedule lists.
      Enter url your in input Url

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      Hi Loc,
      Thanks I see you are working on my requests.
      Even with the Order of preference for class – this does not affect the Order Displayed within ‘Schedule’ on home.
      Thanks for removing teacher from Schedule.
      Will I also be able to customise ‘ Join Now’ for each class. I see that you are working with URL links now

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      Hi Loc
      The custom link for teacher will only allow for a global url lionk for each day. I need one for each class – so that the customer can buy the Class -that is from Schedule, eg Class > Monday Circuit Class – link to Shop > Monday Circuit Class. Each Class has a different URL yes? So it makes more sense to build this functionality into the Class URL.
      Can you move / transfer / add the ‘Teacher URL’ functionality to the Class Module – so that I can enter a URL at the CLASS unit level, that reflects on the Schedule ‘Join Now’ button.
      This fix makes the most sense. This way the JOIN NOW button can either link to more information on the class, ie. JOIN-NOW>class/monday-circuit-class or JOIN-NOW>product/monday-circuit-class-morning

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      I fixed ))

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      Perfect. Thankyou.
      This is the most logical treatment for this feature I think.

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      Hello there,

      Wish you would have a beautiful & functional website.

      If you need our assistance again, please open a new topic. And if you are happy with us, please give us star rating.
      Thank you so much for all your hard work with us :-*

      Kind Regards,

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