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      I would like both the teacher and services pages to appear without /teacher and /services and the associated title bar links.

      Also, is there a way to change the layout of these pages so that they don’t look like blog posts?

      I’m also having difficulty getting the teacher display to look right on my homepage. It displays correctly in the subdirectory where I have the demo content but not in the main directory. I’ve imported all the necessary content as far as I know, and it still appears distorted (see screenshot). I’m trying to get it to display as three items in the circle layout.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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      Thanks for reaching us!
      And sorry for late.
      We noticed that you imported the demo data but it is unsuccessful.
      Your site lacked some widgets.
      So we advise you should re-import once again.
      We will do it for you.
      Please let us know your opinion.

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      No thank you, I wouldn’t like to re-import. The content I have on the site needs to remain as it is without the risk of being overwritten.

      If it’s possible to just put in the few widgets or other elements needed to make the content work, then that’s fine. But no content on the site can be compromised.

      Please let me know if this is possible before making any changes. Thank you.

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      Hi again,

      The content won’t be overwrite.
      So please don’t worry about that!
      However the content that you built will be lost.
      And your site like our demo.
      So you have to built once again.
      And we afraid that some ajax and script don’t be imported successful.
      So it make your site broken, and you will difficult in the use process.
      Hope to hearing from you!

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      That’s what I mean — NOTHING on the site can be lost. Everything I built has taken days and can’t be compromised. Is there any way to preserve it while still bringing in the widgets or content necessary to make it work?

      If I backed up what I built, could import it again after the fix, perhaps? I can’t loose a single thing — that would be a disaster.

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      Hi again,

      We have imported some widgets for you.
      And we also fixed the issues above for you.
      Please check again!

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      Thanks for adding the missing widgets. The page looks much better now! However, my MailChimp plugin has stopped working. Is it possible that there’s a conflict between the work you did and the plugin? It was working until the updates were made.

      Please advise. Thank you!

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      Hi ReadingLady,

      That is related the third plugin.
      It is beyond out of our scope.
      So sorry! We can’t assist you with this.
      Thanks for your understand!

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      Thanks for your reply. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a conflict with the theme widgets!

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