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      Hi there,

      Within the FINANCIAL template: how is it possible to change the size of the logo (I know how to change the visual size such as in a PNG or JPG, but when I upload a bigger logo size, it remains to the same size as the first published version (even tried to blow it up to 300%, no result).

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      Hi dutchbase,

      Thanks for reaching us!
      You can please try to edit at here.
      If something wrong, please contact us.

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      Hi there, It’s not realy my question to (graphically) enlarge the logo myself, I know how that trick is played… My uploaded logo is 425 x 110 pixels, though the header of template Financial only shows/allows (?) a logo of 190 x 49 (my client’s logo has a subtitle in it’s logo of 23 characters so the logo should be PRESENTED bigger…)

      My question is therefore: Can the SPACE for presenting a slightly bigger logo, be enlarged?

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      Hi dutchbase,

      Could you please give me your Admin WP login details.
      We will assist you.


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        Ok… Please provide me your (private) contact details. Patrick

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      I have increased the size of the logo for you. You can check again. If you have any problems contact us

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      Ok, thanks very much !

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