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    Ah a last question,
    How do we get the boxes on the home page with trousers, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, outerwear link accordingly to the shop categories when someone clicks it?
    Is this possible?

    Thank you,
    My best,


    *we are a bit unorganized today our apologies.

    12. How do we get the mega menu image on the shop drop-down to be even padding from the top and left and bottom. Right now it is left aligned and we would like the space like bencher drop down menu.

    Thank you!
    No more questions for today!


    1. You didn’t do it! It is in single product section: http://prntscr.com/g3pc17
    9. Please select color for h1 in themeoption: http://prntscr.com/g3pc9m

    – Maybe you forget to generated thumbnails: let see
    and I dont see the space you said
    – Double logo: i fix it
    11. You may need to add categories logo then insert shortcode like this: http://prntscr.com/g3poxv
    12. Please add class: item-menu-custom-block to custom block items: http://prntscr.com/g3pr9o
    Have a nice day!


    Hello Huynh,

    Thank you for all your patience and efforts with us. We have launched!!
    We have decided to fix the one last issue whilst live is possible.

    11. The category slider is not exactly what we want, as we want the same display with the hover shocking the name and then linking it to that page. Is there any way we can do this by not changing the design?

    Or – is there a way to use the single image widget with a hover showing the text. Then i think we can link the image to the category.

    My best,


    Hello Again,

    Referring to point 9.
    This is what we mean about the white space (Image attached)
    Is there a way to have the content frame equally padded from the bottom?


    Sorry for the many emails, we got excited and forgot to list our questions!
    Some more:

    Regarding the comparing: Is there a way to fix the overlapping of the x and the item name in the sidebar when comparing? (Screen shot attached)

    Another question since we do not have the option for gift wrap,
    how/where from can we change the order not text?
    In the order note can we edit the text “Please let us know if you would like to request the GIFT WRAP option and/or have any special delivery indications”

    Thank you!


    1. So sorry but I dont see that space on my browser. Can you clear your cache and try again!
    2. You can try info box. You will see some example on homepage 5 and homepage 6 when you import our sample or here: http://bencher.jwsuperthemes.com/homepage-05/ http://bencher.jwsuperthemes.com/homepage-06/
    3. Comparing is Ok
    4. You can try purchase note: http://prntscr.com/g459vl
    5. Or you can creat a group product with 1 product ang 1 GIFT WRAP product!


    Hello Dai Huynh,

    Hope all is well.
    We have 2 issues we could not fix.

    1. The video in the Rev Slider on mobile and ipad does not play. We have edited the settings as you have instructed but still the video does not play on mobile and ipad.

    2. Is there a way to hide the authors in the blog posts.

    Thank you very much,
    My best,


    Hi nazkangal,

    You can hide the authors in the blog posts at here.
    Please see the screenshot.
    Note! Don’t forget to save to change.
    About the Slider, I noticed that It still works well on mobile and iPad.
    Please check it again!
    If something wrong, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


    Hello Hoa Ngo,

    Thank you for your swift response.

    1. Thank you, we have turned off the authors visibility.

    2. Yes you are right the video seems to be working now. Another question regarding the video would be the possibility of it being either on loop or to have the play and stop button. How do we do that?

    3. Is it possible to link the portfolio look book image directly to the single portfolio item instead of a light box image?


    4. Is it possible to reduce the spaces between the following images on home page “shop by category” section. Is there also a way to link the images individually to the category page?

    5. How do we make the image of travel journal on the bottom of the homepage full width?


    Thank you.

    My best,


    2. You can change setting in video option:
    or you can use video player shortcode instead of slider
    3. Ok for you
    4.1 Sorry it is in our design, I cant change it.
    4.2 Please insert link here: http://prntscr.com/geqf6b I did
    5. Please select a bigger image http://prntscr.com/geqbop

    Have a nice day! :p


    Hello Huynh,
    Hope all is well, Sorry to be a pain!

    First of all thank you for corrections 3 and 4.2. IT IS PERFECT!!

    2. Regarding the video slider, we are trying but none of it is looping and showing the start, stop and reply. When we add the html5 video version, video stops halfway and does not play all the way on mobile, and does not have the auto loop or restart button…

    The vimeo way does not auto loop as well, nor cover full width, so we dont like this version.

    Please tell us what we are doing wrong? We would like the video fullwidth as it is currently, with the option of play, stop, restart and automatic looping.


    Check attachments for our settings.

    5. Please let use know what width we just have the images at?


    1. Also is there a way to change the Shipping Address Details to say “Billing Address Details”?

    2. Is there a way to change the order notes box text to “Let us if you would like the gift wrap option for an item and/or if you have any special notes regarding the delivery.”

    Thank you,


    – About Video! We are using Slider Revolution plug-in and It dont have “loop” button for you! If you want to loop video you can right click on Video and select loop.
    – “video stops halfway”: It need time to load video, you should optimize your video for faster loading.
    – “nor cover full width”: You can select row full width. http://prntscr.com/ggrjb9
    If you dont line Vimeo player, you can use that shortcode and paste Youtube link. http://prntscr.com/ggrjwv (the user can right click on video and select “loop”)

    “Please let use know what width we just have the images at”: You can use an image with 1920px width

    New question:
    1. I will edit source code for you but when you update your Bencher theme, It will back. to “Shipping Address Details”, You have to do it again after updated your theme.
    2. I did it.


    Hello Huynh,

    We have a quick question regarding our blog post page.

    On our website it is under journal.
    We would like the page to display like this page:

    Blog 2 Columns

    But we can not configure the blog grid!
    We have attached a screenshot of our modifications but its not affecting anything.
    Could you kindly let us know how to do this.

    We would also like to add collections ex. 1. Indonesian, 2. Nepal and let users also view the shop per collection without losing our product categories.
    Do you know if this is possible or how we can do this? Shall we use tags? or make a new category?

    Our Best,


    Hi Packing-man!
    1. It is OK for you. if you choose it is front page, http://prntscr.com/glbxxz you can not edit it in Visual Composer.
    2. Seem, I do not know what you mean. I think you need two new Category to manager it
    Have a nice day!


    Hello Huynh,

    Quick question, our blog photos are stretched when viewing with mobile.
    Any reason why, and how can we fix this?

    We regenerated all the media but no luck!

    Thank you in advance!

    My best,


    Hi nazkangal,

    Could you please give me the link?



    Hello Hoa,

    the links are:

    Designing for Thought

    And Began, The Packing Man

    The Road Less Travelled

    On the mobile the images are squished.

    Thank you,


    Please check again, on my broswer and my phone, all is ok
    Thank you!

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