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    Hi, I would like to know where i can change the Header menu bar to Header 3 for all my blog posts as its still showing the theme header i cannot seem to fine it please assist.i have hosted the site on my local host at the moment


    please help me where i can find BBCodes in the theme to effect the changes i have never used it. Please help.


    Hi naz,

    Sorry for the delay!
    Please let us know more detail!
    Specifically, what do you want to change at the header 3?
    And about BBCode, What is this?
    We also haven’t ever used it yet.


    Hi Hoa Ngo,

    Thank you for responding i will attach pics of my problem that i am facing. i have a series of Blog Post and the menu header for all the blog post is not changing like the homepage look.
    I am working on the local host

    My second problem is that at the bottom of the page i have 3 blog entries and the snippet still shows the dummy text that came with the demo.


    Hi naz,

    We want to remind you that we only support for you on only one domain.
    In the past, we supported you on this domain.
    So, we will can’t continue support you on the next domain.
    Anyway, we still reply your question above.
    To change excerpt for the blog, please go to edit the post.
    And then turn on the excerpt section, and change it here.
    – And you can change header layout for blog pages in Theme Options.
    If you have any trouble with this domain.
    Please back here with us!


    Dear Hoa,

    I am still only working on the same project and i only used for building the site and testing it. I am using the same site if you check its The Mentor Group. Its NOT 2 different domains( I can bring down the theme from anytime u want) but one i only used rentsinuae as a dummy to check and build the site there for learning how to make changes to your theme rather than have a problem on the main site.
    I have now created local host and will install it there.
    My ONLY 2 problem is for the Blog post menu header logo that is not the same as the homepage the ones i attached yesterday need help for that Hoa.

    2 Problem is the contact form to send mails out it does not reach my mail id when i do so.
    Please assist.


    HI Noa sorry i have managed to solve the problem of the blog posts thank you .

    Please help me with the CONTACT FORM 7 problem i am not receiving the ails when the contact form is filled. please assist with this … rest all is done

    Thank you so much



    Hi naz,

    Please enter your email address here!
    If something wrong, please back with us!


    Hi Noa,

    Thanks a ton i changed the email id and now i am getting the email but i do not get any content that i write on the contact form.

    Thanks and Regards


    Hi again,

    Please input the content at Body Message section!


    HI Hoa Ngo,

    I have a question my website that i have used using the Financial Theme has a problem when viewing on Internet Explorer browser. Please advice what changes need to be made for the same to be viewed properly.

    Kind Regards


    Hi naz,

    Could you please send us Admin login info?
    We will check this for you.

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